Backlinks are one of the significant factors to work in Search Engine Optimization World. To be a successful SEO Expert, you need to be master in getting authority SEO backlinks. In this Tech Glads Backlinks Tutorial, we are going to share you every little-unsaid thing in backlinks. And also the link building strategies, techniques, and sites in 2022, which will help you rank to #1 in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Wondering what you are going to learn?

We are here to share knowledge with you from “What is backlink?” To “How to do Authority Link Building for #1 Ranking?”


What is backlink in SEO?

Though “backlinks” has no proper book-written definition we can put it in a simple way. Backlinks are the links from one website to another website. Once backlinks were just links which are used for reference of a particular word. Soon after Search Engine Optimization came into the big picture, SEO Backlinks is the one among the highly engaging topic starting from a rookie to experts till date.

Importance of SEO backlinks in 2022?

Apart from all the On-Page Activities, all our concern and focus will only be on building backlinks for the page to be ranked. Like how water is an important source of life, backlinks are an important source for SEO. SEO is taken for granted by filling up the keywords in a particular page/post to rank, Until Google started to update algorithms which gives great signs for backlinks as a major ranking factor.

Also, Backlinks from high authority domains will highly influence your domain. Here, Domain Authority which is brought in from high authority backlinks will make a difference between you and your competitor’s website.

Types of Backlinks and their rel = Tags:

Backlinks are built in different ways, here lets fine tune each type in more detailed. Also, It is based on the website and their authorized owner’s decision to take a call on what type of link has to be given from their website to other websites.

Types of Backlinks and their rel tags in SEO - Link Building Strategies

What are the important rel= tags in SEO?

Rel is a basic HTML attribute which will be given along with a link (if needed). Where It defines the relationship between the source page and where it is referenced. In HTML, “rel=” is a separate topic to be learned, but for SEO you just need to understand some specific tags values to know how those tags will be effective for your ranking.

  • rel=”nofollow”
  • rel=”dofollow”
  • rel=noreferrer
  • rel=”canonical”
  • rel=”prev” and rel=”next”

Difference Between No Follow And Do Follow Links:


No follow is an HTML Attribute, it is given to indicate search bots that a link should not influence ranking in any way. It means that a website owner had made a decision to not allow search engine bots to give you any link juice (A Ranking Influence). It’s easy to say that, only humans can go through the links as referral links and not the search bots.

Example: <a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>example</a>


Do Follow links are just opposite to No Follow Links, it Allows Search Engine to Crawl to Influence in ranking. Here, both human and the search engine will make use to follow the links.

Though do follow links are more valuable than no follow links, you should not ignore no follow links in any point.

About Noreferrer Links:


There is a myth behind no referrer attribute that it will affect your SEO ranking. Not at all. This rel=”noreferrer” is used to specify that no referrer information’s like Browser, OS, region etc. has to leaked to the search engine or recorded in analytics. The problem with the tag is you cannot track user visited from that particular URL, mostly it will be recorded as direct traffic instead of referral traffic. Some sources say that this tag is not supported by most of the browsers.


A canonical URL is the original version of two same kinds of URLs or two URLs with the same content inside.

For Example,

If you have two different versions of a website like mobile and desktop version where the same URL may have different content or different URL may have the same content, it often happens in e-commerce websites.

We can take this in two ways,

  • User’s Perspective
  • Search Engine Perspective

User’s Perspective:

Study 1:

The destination page has same kind of URL with different content, like, and

Study 2:

The destination page has the same content with different URL, when comparing two versions as mentioned.

Search Engine Perspective:

Study 1:

If a search bot finds multiple pages of the same website with the same content, then it will decide on its own by indexing the useful and complete page as canonical URL. The non-canonical (duplicate) URLs will be indexed with lesser priority. It is like leaving to search bot to take a decision.

Study 2:

Unlike the first case, you have to decide on your own by specifying like this,

<link rel=”canonical” href=””>

It has to be specified in the non-canonical URL (Duplicate) to the canonical URL (Original).

Here in this study, (original) mentioned in the (duplicate).

rel=”prev” and rel=”next”:

The rel=”prev” and rel=”next” are called pagination attributes. These attributes are the next level of mentioning the canonical tags. It is highly preferred in categories of e-Commerce websites for directing it to their products. This used to make a series of relation between the URL with prev and next attributes to make it understandable for search engines. The canonical URL will be mentioned in the original content itself, instead of duplicate contents.

These are called self-referring canonical URLs, it has to be given in the <head> of a particular page (preferable),

<link rel=”prev” href=””>

<link rel=”next” href=””>

<link rel=”canonical” href=””/>

Though, these prev, next and canonical attributes are mentioned in links, not mostly preferred as backlinks. But, These are way more important parts to be fixed for better ranking of your website.

How to give Backlinks?

If you think backlinks are an important part of SEO, then how you’re giving a backlink is even more important. The backlinks will differ based on the anchor texts you provide.

Anchor Text and Types - Link Building Strategies in SEO to get Backlinks

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is a text visible over the link which we give as a hyperlink (backlink). To differentiate from other texts, when you click on this text or phrase, it will be redirected some other pages, whereas it won’t happen on the normal texts. Being precise, the anchor text in modern browsers will look blue in color.

What is the use of anchor text?

The anchor text is a piece of information indicating to the search engine and the users for understanding what the hyperlink actually refers. This has to be meaningful and relevant to the hyperlink for better ranking and user experience in your website.

Search Engines use backlinks anchor text as an indication of how other websites see your website and whether the anchor text is doing the justification for the content in the redirected hyperlink.

Different Types of anchor text:

Generic Anchors:

The Generic Anchor text are most often will be Call to Action (CTA) like Visit here, Click Here, Contact Us, etc.,

Branded Anchors:

Taking forward the anchor text with brand names. If you’re linking it to Google, then the anchor text will be Google itself.

Naked Anchors:

Naked Anchors are just leaving the URL alone as a backlink like

No Anchor and Image Anchor:

No Anchor text is like invisible links. It looks like,

<a href=””></a>

Mostly Image backlinks are considered in this way when there is no Alt Tag provided.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Anchor:

LSI anchor text is the keywords relevant to your target keyword. If your target keyword is “Off-Page SEO“, then LSI keywords may include “What is Off-Page SEO?”, “Off-Page SEO Strategies”, “How to do Off-Page SEO”, etc.,

Brand and Keyword Anchor:

Including your brand along with the main keywords like,

  • Tech Glads Backlinks Techniques
  • Backlinks Strategies of Tech Glads
  • Tech Glads link building Strategies

Here, ‘Tech Glads’ is the Brand and Remaining are ‘keywords’ you would like to rank.

Exact Match Anchor:

The Anchor Text will be exactly similar to the target keyword. Exact Match Anchor is Best Of the Rest, but meanwhile, overdoing will penalize the particular URL ranking for that keyword. It is tough to recover from that phase.

Partial Match Anchor:

To avoid penalizing from search engines, you have to make use of these partial match anchor at times. If you’re not aware of what are the partial match anchor, get the LSI Keywords of your target keyword. Moreover, LSI Keywords are Partial Match Keywords by itself.

How to get quality backlinks in 2022?

Every SEO Expert or Rookie will have their own way of getting backlinks. For each, Getting backlinks may differ based on the kind of anchor text or platforms which they prefer. As we discussed, it’s up to you to decide, what type of anchor text you’re going to use for increasing rank in Google Search Engine Results Page for the keyword you target.

One Suggestion is to make use of every type of anchor at different times of your backlink period. When you choose exact match as the only way to rank, then it won’t help you at any cause in ranking.

Link Building Strategies Sites List - Backlinks Techniques Tutorial

What are different types of link building strategies from different sites list?

Question and Answering Platforms:

Ouora Backlink - Link Building Strategies - Backlinks GuideThe Q/A platforms will do half of the job even before getting the backlinks. Anyone around the globe would have raised a question in a different way which is related to your industry. All you have to do is to answer the question with high relevancy and proper grammar. As already said, link to the landing page with the type of anchor text you prefer that makes a post natural will be a good boost.

TRICK TIP – Q/A Platform:

Start using Quora regularly, answer on the relevant and most popular question will gain regular traffic. For Example, if your target keyword is SEO, most common searches will be like “What is SEO? How to get backlinks for new website?”.

Questions like this will some time rank on Google so that you can easily find out or else go and search in Quora itself, where you can determine the popularity of a question with no. of views. If you have well-written answer to that question, there are possibilities of your answer to get ranked in Google. It works only when the industry itself has enough popularity, or else you will face a tough time in getting the right and popular question.

Medium Article:

Medium Backlink - Link Building Sites List - Backlinks GuideMedium is a social platform, where anyone can write an article and publish. If you’re writing for a company/business, then create a publication on the business name and publish articles under that publication. It will give you a good online presence when someone searches for your business.

In Backlink perspective, you should be genuine in providing the reference to your website. The reference must make the reader believe that there is something valuable behind this link. It can get into reader’s mind based on the words put around that particular link. Medium has quite a top league of the audience, so there is no wrong in expecting a standard of each article they read. If you make them read the first 100 words, then your article is a winner.

Reddit Sharing:

Reddit - Backlinks strategies - Link Building Strategy and Sites ListReddit is one of the most potential social networks to bring in a huge amount of traffic to your website. Like Medium, it will have a good standard of the audience who always waits for quality sharing. In Reddit, all you need to do is to share a well-written content at the appropriate subreddit.

It is like a community where like-minded people will be present, you have to subscribe to that community and read the rules of the community before sharing any content in that community. If you don’t follow the rules of the community, then your post will be thrown away and also lead to throwing your account out of Reddit. So, be careful in sharing and handling your Reddit profile.

TRICK TIP – Reddit:

Here, we share you the list of Active Subreddits, where you can you find your website category and share your content for gaining effective traffic to your website.


Web 2.0:

To put Web 2.0 in simple words, it is a history of web services in the 2nd generation of the internet or evolution.

If someone says web 2.0 is not working, then they’re doing it in the wrong way. The approach towards a web 2.0 must be treated as your main website. It’s like building a well-designed website around your primary website, so the business website will raise the authority by itself. Start writing valuable content on your web 2.0 and optimize for ranking. For creating web 2.0, here is the list of sites which will be worth for your SEO process.

Web 2.0 Sites

Sites List Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) 97 100 87 73 95 70 95 96 92 74 92 68 74 67 92 72 92 75 91 63 91 65 88 64 73 57

Social Sharing:

Social Sharing Sites - How to Get Backlinks - Link Building Strategies and Sites ListSocial Sharing is not for backlinks, it is for influencing people in every community. Before performing social sharing, your profile must have the audience to click on the link to at least view your content. If you’re not having enough community audience, then approach the most influential people in your industry and ask them to share your content. So, people will see the authenticity of the content, then start to read and share with others, which will be more natural.

For Detailed SEO and Marketing Knowledge on Most Famous Social Platforms:

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking Sites & How to Get Backlinks - Link Building Strategies and Sites ListSocial Bookmarking is similar to social sharing but the procedure and impact differ. In this type of backlinking, it will return as a real backlink to your website. One among the easiest way to get backlinks to your website. Keep in mind that, you should not overdo it since it will backfire to your website. As anything overdone is good for nothing.

So, for a suggestion get maximum of 2 backlinks for one landing page. As we all were unaware of Google’s algorithm, keeping things as less as possible is good for your website.

DA 40 to DA 100 – Social Sharing and Social Bookmarking Sites to Get Traffic

Sites List Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) 100 100 100 100 98 95 99 100
91 69 100 100 98 89 98 96 92 73 92 67 62 45 94 80 92 72 92 75 87 66 87 68 89 65 92 73 69 59
59 43 59 46 75 60 83 63 92 73 77 57 45 41 91 69 58 53 72 61 71 58 48 48 58 53 80 65 40 39 46 37 43 40 83 64 75 58 69 60 91 73 52 51 60 53 71 59 41 38 69 55 76 62 86 67
43 48 80 67 41 46 77 53

Press Release:

Press Release is a word defined by itself. Advertising your website, business, any service or product on other websites. It will assist for more online visibility, gain new customers, increase potential traffic and search engine ranking. This includes blogger outreach, distribution to social media, blogging networks, and other media networks.

As we have been sharing about overdoing, Press Release is already overdone. Yes, Google found that SEO’s started to use Press Release only to gain backlinks, instead of using it for sharing newsworthy contents. So, the SEO value of Press release got literally reduced. Yet getting one here and there will make good sense for the search algorithm. Better go for nofollow links in PR websites at least, it will be even good than getting dofollow links as they are losing its value.

PBN Backlinks:

PBN or the private blog network domains is the list of some expired domains. These domains are bought and updated to look good. Usually, the PBN sites will not have much traffic to be honest. But the PBN sites are used to build white hat backlink to the website to improve the SEO. Though PBN websites are the good choice if you are looking to build backlinks to your website from the relevant niches, you should give more importance to some factors.

Here is all that you need to give importance while building links from the PBN sites. Initially, check whether the site is well indexed by Google, check whether the sites are hosted at the Unique IP’s and doesn’t have any spam score. Also, make sure that the PBN site has some good contents already published relevant to your niche. You can get the PBN links for your site from many online platforms like Fiver, Legiit or even get in touch with the PBN link providers.

Things to consider in PBN Links:

The main motive of building a PBN must be getting backlinks without leaving any footprints. To make it simple, there should not be any evidence for similarity between one PBN and the other. It means, there should not be any proof for all the PBN belongs to one person. To avoid this, each PBN must be hosted in unique IP. From a PBN, there must be only one link should be generated.

For instance, if I have to build a link for from a PBN named, then I should get a link from to only once. If you try to get multiple links for a website from single PBN, then the search engine can easily find your way of getting backlinks. Like Web 2.0, treat PBN as one of your primary websites.

Guest Posting:

The other way to get quality backlinks to your website is through outreaching and guest posting. Guest posting is the way of submitting your blog in the others website to get a backlink. Sites should relevant to your domain. Mostly the website owners will only accept paid guest posts on their sites. In some websites, you can see “Submit a Guest Post” to submit directly to the admin for review and get it published.

The main advantage of publishing guest posts in the others sites is that in addition to the backlink, you will also get the good amount of traffic from their website. This will help you to get more local branding and the backlink will look more natural in SEO Perspective. Being a business owner, just surf through Google and find some relevant sites to your business. Write polite E-Mails to the blog owners requesting for the guest posting on their websites, many may ignore but very few may accept your request and will publish your post in them. This is one of the organic ways of building quality backlinks to your website.

Directory Submission:

Directory submission or Citation Building is a process to gain local SEO ranking in Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Search Engines will look for the presence of NAP of business all over online. NAP Stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. The presence of these business details over online will attain a good local search score for a business website, when compared to your competitor for ranking. So, find local directories where you can get your business details published with a URL to your website, which will act as a quality backlink from local directory websites.

For directory submission, we cannot provide the list of websites as it will vary based on the presence of business and their niche. Yet, our team is working on building a list for each location, which will be highly useful for business websites from various locations.

PPT and PDF Submission:

PPT PDF Submission Sites Backlinks Tutorial - Link Building StrategiesPPT and PDF Submission is one among the traditional ways to get SEO Backlinks. There is nothing to make a deal in PPT and PDF submission to explore. Yet, we have included a vlog, where you can see how to get quality dofollow links and traffic from the best PPT and PDF submission site – SlideShare.

Get to know more about Getting SlideShare Traffic to You Blog – Quality Backlinks & Traffic from SlideShare(DA 95+)

High DA PDF and PPT Submission Sites

Sites List Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) 93 72 94 73 82 58 61 51 91 73 75 58 78 53 91 65 91 66 81 57 69 53 94 73 86 60 91 63 84 57 88 42 81 53 93 73 79 53 80 57
74 52 92 76 74 53 67 62 86 64 56 52 67 56 86 62 72 60 51 35 83 61 70 62 91 70
55 51 81 63 84 63 52 39 91 67 50 52 51 49 78 63
68 59 62 55 81 61 91 70
61 58 44 48 38 45
36 38 31 36

Video Submission:

Video Submission Sites to Get Backlinks - Link Building Techniques 2019If you’re good at delivering your speech, then video submission is must for you. For others, they can give it a try. In a video submission, the content you are trying to deliver must be with a very effective command. A good and knowledgeable video can be used across any medium, as you can use them in social media, business promotional activities, and even engage visitors in your website for a long time as you do with infographics. If you are submitting your videos, leave some written there as well, since nothing has better value than written content.


Video Submission Sites For Backlinks

Sites List Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) 100 100 98 95 92 75 94 82 96 86 93 79 91 73 93 77 93 82
95 83 95 84 92 78 93 76 91 62 89 73 85 65 89 70 92 72 92 69 90 72
92 76 80 67 80 67 87 72 86 70 81 66 78 63 68 61 68 60 63 60

Infographic Submission:

Infographic Submission Sites List for Dofollow BacklinksIn Link Building, Infographic submission is one of the easiest ways of getting SEO backlinks to your website. It is an image which will be depicted with information about the particular scenario or a topic. For better understanding, check any one of the below websites to know how others have created their infographic for their business. To gain better engagement and reduce bounce rate to your webpage, you can insert those infographics between your content to easily interact with the visitors. For now, Here, You can see sample infographics we have designed for Amazon MTruk working process to get a better idea.

Infographic Submission Sites

Sites List Domain Authority (DA) Page Authority (PA) 86 62 98 95
98 66 92 78 98 95 67 63 94 85 95 76 93 71 57 52
40 46
67 57
41 46 42 46
45 48
49 43
46 48 42 46
48 51
53 50 92 73 98 87 100 100 82 58 94 80 93 80
54 52
46 48 45 49 42 47
91 76
43 47 70 55 92 73
59 56

Can you buy backlinks for ranking? Does it help?

It will work to a certain extent, but overdoing of anything will not lead to a good cause. Hence, There should not be any track record and it should not be artificial enough to show Google that you have bought links.

Being a white hat SEO follower, it is not recommended at any cost, as one modification in the algorithm will hit hard on your website than never before. As a result, It will be really tough for those websites to gain back the momentum.

One must surely benefit from this backlinks guide, as we have revealed some of the strategies and valuable resources/reference to get backlinks. If you have read every topic, you must have understood the same.



Get Quality Backlinks & Traffic from SlideShare(DA 95+)

Getting the Quality backlinks for a website with real-time traffic is not an easy task. At this point of time, it is very much important to know this stat for better ranking and backlinking strategies. In this article, I have explained on the topic “Simple Steps for Quality Backlinks from Slideshare with Traffic”.