For every website, Sitemap XML files will be generated and submitted in search console to index all the pos/ts & pages. Everything will have some limitations and here in a sitemap, there are very few restrictions.

 About Sitemap XML

A sitemap is an XML File Format using which the webmasters will inform the search engine about the URL’s available for crawling. It also allows the webmasters to include some additional information like last updated date, how often it changes and its importance among other URL’s on the particular website. Using the single XML Sitemap files, you can submit all your website URL’s in Search Engine to index your website. If a website is having a huge number of pages then it will be categorized or it will be well interlinked. Sitemap files of every website will be publically available and URL may vary based on the configuration made by the webmaster.

For Example:

Sitemap URL of TechGLADS Website is –

Restrictions in XML Sitemap

  • You can’t have a sitemap with more than 50,000 URL’s. A sitemap can contain a maximum of 50,000 URL’s and that’s really huge one. Normal website or a static website won’t have much, but if it is a regular blogging website then there is a possibility to reach 50,000 URLs.
  • The size of sitemap must be within 50MB. Sitemap files with more than 50 MB will not be accepted by the search engines.

Add a Sitemap XML for More than 50,000 Pages URL’s

If you have more than 50,000 URL’s on your website, then what will you do if you have more URL’s? You can generate more than one sitemap files for a website. Also, you can submit it individually through search console or else just create the sitemap index files. Sitemap index file will have the sitemap files in it. Also by submitting the sitemap index files, it will submit all the sitemap present in that file.

You can also create multiple sitemaps for your website which doesn’t have more than 50,000 URL’s. You can create sitemap based on categories or pages & posts. Most of the CMS (Content Management System) will take part in these things. Also, there are a lot of SEO Plugins available over the web and if you are using it, then you don’t want to worry about these things.