Stock video websites offer a variety of high quality videos that can be embedded on a any blog or website. They can also be used as background videos for your website. You can create a stunning slideshow using the images found in the videos.  

These websites provide the most comprehensive directory of high quality stock videos, images, sound effects and music. It is suitable for all types of projects including corporate videos, webinars, product and eCommerce videos, and so much more.

Here is a list of sites which have best stock video or stock footage for you to use in your WordPress website. These are some of the most famous and popular stock video websites with free or paid stock videos.

How to find Best Stock Video Websites

When it comes to finding stock video for your website, there are many websites that are available on the Internet. You can find sites that offer stock video for cheap or even free. But, you need to make sure that you don’t sign up for any site that is not reputable and secure.

The best way to do this is to look for a site that has good reviews, is easy to use, has a clean interface, and has a wide selection of quality background video clips. We have listed a few of the best sites below. These sites have been reviewed and verified personally. So, check them out.

Best Stock Video Websites for WordPress Website [Free]


Videvo is a video-sharing website owned by Microsoft. It has hundreds of thousands of videos that people upload to it each day. A company that sells videos online called videvo has been making them for over ten years. It provides short videos for web pages, social networks, blogs, forums, and e-mail. 

Videvo - Video Stock for WordPress Websites

You can find videos on just about anything you could imagine. They sell videos of everything from animals to home improvement to sports to politics. A website where you can watch free video clips on almost any topic. This company also makes videos for educational purposes.

 They also have music videos. This website also allows users to upload videos and share them on the web. People can watch the videos on the website or download them to their computers and phones. You can also search for videos on this website.

Videvo stock video website is the place to find video on the web. You just go to the Videvo website, sign up for an account and search for a video.


Pixabay is a stock video website where anyone can upload any stock video they find on the internet. It has more than 4 million free stock videos from contributors all over the world. This website allows you to find free images or photos from other users and put them on your blog or webpage.

Pixabay Stock Video Website for WordPress

Pixabay is also called a “stock photography site” because the creator of the video has uploaded a picture of themselves and the video shows their image. The best part is that you don’t have to pay for these stock images.

You can find any type of images you want. You don’t need to be a member to use it. All you need to do is to find the image you want and click on it. For example, it is possible to use images of a dog, a cat, flowers or even an alien spaceship. You can download the image, change the colors and sizes. 

You can find a lot of free stock video on this site. All the videos are under creative commons license and they have different purposes.


ShutterStock is a free online stock photography website. They are in the business of selling photographs. It lets photographers from around the world submit their photos to be used for others’ websites and applications. You can browse through thousands of images and buy royalty-free images for use in all types of projects. 

Shutterstock videos

People can search for pictures of their interest, like nature, architecture, food, animals, etc., and find pictures they like and buy them. The site allows you to create free stock photos from your own photos taken by your mobile phone or webcam. You can choose between different sizes, and then they give you the URL of each image. 

This website has thousands of free images, which are available to use for any commercial purposes. You have to pay a fee if you use them for non-commercial purposes. If you plan on using the images commercially, they give you options, including a royalty free license that gives you the rights to use the images for any purpose.  

Through this website you can buy images from many different countries. When you use this site, you can find out more about each image, how to use it, what it costs and much more. You can even upload your own images to the site.


Pexels is a website where you can see free photos, videos and graphics for use in blogs, websites, e-books, print projects or presentations. Pexels has over 1.5 million free photos and videos that you can use for free on any website. 

This website offers lots of professional-quality videos. There are so many videos to choose from: from music videos to short film and documentaries. It’s an awesome website that allows users to find, download, and view free images for use in their personal or commercial projects. 

Video For Websites in Pexels

Pexels stock videos are some of the most popular videos on the Internet. Here you can find lots of free photos and videos that are created by other people. You can also find many video resources like videos for learning, video tutorials and screencasts. 

You can use the links on this page to navigate through all the videos available on Pexels. It’s really nice because you can click on any of the videos and it plays automatically. This website allows photographers to use high-resolution photos from other sources as well as their own original images. The site also offers tutorials for free.

Envato Elements

Envato Elements is an online marketplace for content creators. They are the owner of sites like and Creative Market. They give developers a platform to create and publish their own websites or blogs with beautiful themes that they can buy at a low cost. Developers can also upload their images and videos and sell them to others for some cash.

Envato Stock WordPress Video

Envato Elements is a website for sharing free stock footage and images. You can use them to create videos on YouTube, Vimeo or any other site. The best thing is that the images are free and they have a license agreement which allows you to download them and do whatever you want with them. 

It has a wide range of categories like animals, nature, food, travel, lifestyle, sports, fashion, kids, technology, pets, etc. Envato Elements has a lot of other cool videos about Photoshop, Web Design and other digital media related topics.

Envato has all these different stock websites: stock video, stock photos, stock music, and stock fonts. You can upload any of these things into one of Envato’s websites and get paid when other people see them and use.


Coverr is the leading stock video website. We publish videos of the hottest products on the market. A website where you can find videos on all kinds of topics like travel, education, sports etc. 

Coverr Stock Video Websites

The only catch is that they have very high quality content. A website where you can put any videos you like. Then other people can watch them on their TVs or computer screens. The main purpose is that you can have fun watching funny, scary, or beautiful videos on your own time.

This website allows users to upload their videos and then other people will rate them based on how good they are and what type of content they contain. If a video has enough points, it can be chosen to be featured on the front page.


Artgrid is a website for artists to create their own stock videos. Artists upload videos of themselves doing artistic things, like drawing, painting, sculpting or creating jewelry. Each category has its own section. 

There are also many different types of art. There is abstract, realism, surrealism, expressionism, cubism, etc. The videos are displayed on the website for other artists to see. Some of them like to upload some videos of themselves talking about their art work. You can view their videos by going to 

Artgrid Unlimited Stock Videos

The Artgrid stock video website has thousands of videos. They’re all free and they have very good quality. You can use them as wallpaper, background music for your webpages, and even to show videos inside webpages. There’s no limit on the amount of videos you can have. Just visit the website to see how many are available. 

Artgrid lets you create your own videos and share them with other people on the internet. You can also use the videos that other people made for you and add them to your own videos.

This website provides free videos of art exhibitions from all around the world. The website’s main purpose is to offer free videos of art exhibits so that people can have more knowledge of the arts. It also helps people learn about different cultures from around the world.


The company that makes iStock stock video website is called Getty Images. They make stock video clips for businesses, websites, and other things. iStock is an online stock video website. On iStock, you can find a lot of free video clips and even paid video clips, which you can download for free. 

iStock Website Video

This website sells stock video footage from professional photographers and videographers. For example, they have pictures of airplanes flying by, or of people on an escalator. They also have video clips that people upload themselves. These videos are free for commercial use.

 It’s very useful when you need to add some visual information to an email or a webpage. You simply upload a file (like a.jpg) and click to choose from one of the categories (Landscape, Architecture, Technology, etc.)

Here you can find professional videos from all over the world. Some of the videos are just short clips. Some of them are funny movies. They come in all sorts of genres. 

If you find photos or videos on this website that you like, you can download them for free. You can also search for other items in the iStock collection.

Vimeo Stock

Vimeo is a website where you can upload videos, movies and other files, that other people can watch. The site was developed by the Vimeo team. There are thousands of videos on this site. You can upload your own videos, and also watch videos from other users.

 It has lots of cool features like sharing videos on Twitter or Facebook or uploading a video to your own Vimeo account. You can view any movie on their website and you can download them to watch them offline. 

Vimeo Video for WordPress

They also have a mobile app where you can download any video from Vimeo onto your phone or tablet. You can share your videos for free, but if you want more people to see your videos, you need to pay a subscription fee.

It lets people upload, view, and share videos. You can see videos by searching or browsing through categories.

This website allows you to upload videos of any length and make them public or private. You can also download videos for free and add them to your own website.


Pond5 stock videos are professional video clips for sale. You can upload your videos to Pond5 for free. Then other people can watch them and rate your videos. The highest rated videos are shown on the home page and in the search results. 

It has millions of videos of all kinds of movies, music, TV shows, etc. You can search for specific types of videos by typing in keywords, or browse through videos based on genres, or even by selecting different countries.

New Business stock video websites

 They are available to anyone, free of charge. You can upload any of your own videos to sell them as well. If you want to find the best videos for your business, you can search by keyword or category.

This is the site where you can download music videos for free. You just type in what song you want and it will give you all the links to where you can download the song. It is a great place to watch movies, TV shows, sports, music videos, cartoons, etc. 

It’s an online store where people can buy music, movies, television programs, computer software, and many other things. A good way to earn money from videos you make, so we can earn money if we have enough views on our videos.

Ignite Motion

Ignite Motion is the biggest stock video website in the world. We are in charge of collecting videos from around the world and making them available to people all over the world. So, we get a lot of new videos every day, which we then edit and upload to our website. 

This website is for professional content creators. With this platform, users can upload their videos and create professional videos in minutes. This website provides high quality stock motion websites for the marketing purposes. 

Free Stock Video Websites

People can upload their own video clips on the site and the site automatically generates a website that contains those video clips as a flash movies and also provides links to websites like Facebook and Youtube so that the videos can be watched by other users who like the uploaded videos.

This website that features hundreds of short videos for different industries. The website allows users to upload videos of their company culture and products and promote them to millions of viewers on YouTube, Facebook and other popular sites. They provide videos for businesses who need professional-quality footage.

They have lots of different categories and they have lots of different kinds of videos, like “how to” videos, and “how not to” videos, and even videos that show the best ways to do things. It has lots of other cool features like the ability to view the most popular videos on the site, as well as videos by topic.


Video is a powerful marketing tool. There are so many different ways to use it to promote your business and drive traffic and conversions. 

A good website will allow you to upload your video and have it available for viewing. This way, if anyone is on the internet they can watch your video without having to go back to your site.  

Stock video sites can help you make awesome videos that can be embedded on your website and blog posts, with ease. They also give you access to hundreds of professional video clips.

There are many sites where you can buy pre-made stock videos for WordPress. However, it takes time to find the right one. In this post, we have listed the Top 10 Stock Video Websites for your WordPress Website. 

Hope you will get an idea through this article. If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to comment. Your comments are most welcome