Get Quality Backlinks & Traffic from SlideShare(DA 95+)

Getting the Quality backlinks for a website with real-time traffic is not an easy task. At this point of time, it is very much important to know this stat for better ranking and backlinking strategies. In this article, I have explained on the topic “Simple Steps for Quality Backlinks from Slideshare with Traffic”.

How Does Blogging help SEO (or) Ranking of a Website?

Every online business depends on the traffic generated by the site over the web. Potential traffic can be easily categorized through the blogs. Also, Blog helps a lot in ranking a website as well. So it is very important to know the importance and how it should be.

On Page SEO Mistakes to be Avoided – SEO Best Practice

On-Page Optimization is one of the core and very important type of Search Engine Optimization. On-Page Search Engine Optimization completely depends on the website and website administrator and the way how the contents were organized. In general, the thing influenced...

Big Bug: Ranking Drops For Yoast SEO Plugin Users

Yoast SEO Plugin Bug in Version 7.0 leads to the rank drop. The Version was introduced on March 6th, 2018. Find whether your website affected by because of the bug and know how you can fix it of your own. The Yoast SEO Founder Apologize for the bug which was coded by himself at that point.

Mobile SEO Matters The Most – Stat Speaks

Recent Mobile SEO Stat [Infographic] has been one of the most concern topics among the SEO Experts. Both the search engine & experts started to understand from where the regular traffic occurs for a website. One has to understand that it’s nothing wrong with doing SEO for the desktop version.

StumbleUpon Is No More – It Shuts Down After 16 Years

StumbleUpon was launched way back in 2002, Before the entry of Facebook & Twitter. Content delivery engine StumbleUpon is shutting down from June 30. After 16 years they have planned to shut down StumbleUpon. In the current date, StumbleUpon contains around 60 billion stumbles made by 40 million users.

Google Updated Its Keyword Trends Research Tool

SEO people usually find potential keywords for the particular business domain using the Google Keyword Planner tool. Google also helps the publishers with another tool called Keyword Trends which provides the users with the most trending topics on the web. This helps...

What Is A Google Crawler & How It Works?

  What is a Google Crawler? Normally search engine like Google uses the crawlers called the Google Bots or the spiders to visit each website on the Internet, analyse them and index them based on many ranking factors. Well, Google is the most used search engine by...