Search engines are the best way to attract customers to your website. Optimize your SEO on Google will bring you many benefits.

The goal of the engines is to bring the best possible experience to the user.

  • The step 1 of a strong SEO strategy is to make the content of your website is fantastic.
  • The step 2 is to communicate the importance of your content to search engines to place you in the top results.

The SEO is not as complicated as one might think. The profession of SEO has existed since the birth of the web and its goal has always been the same: to appear as high as possible in the search results.

As you know, the competition on the web continues to grow over time. More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of their search engine optimization: they want to appear at the top of the search positions for targeted keywords.

Under pressure, some people have moved to the dark side of the force: they buy links extensively, join in ‘link farms’, and stuff their articles with keywords.

In February 2011, Google got tired of it and launched Panda. It was the first filter (update of Google’s algorithm) of a series that will never end. (Today, these updates are made in real time) Following this first Panda, some sites disappeared from Google overnight. Successful companies have lost a large part of their traffic. Some even had to close the doors.

And what about the winners, the ones who appeared at the top? The Wikipedia’s are an excellent example. They focus on the user experience. They bring consistent information.

Sites using questionable and overly visible techniques have fallen into the depths of results as quality has taken over.

What lesson in search engine optimization can we learn from it? The user experience must be at the center of your concerns. If you do not focus on creating the best content, your SEO will suffer. Today, Google has put all the power in the hands of the end user, your customer.

Good SEO is an integral part of your marketing. Search engines constantly monitor your website to offer the best experience to its users. For this, make sure your assets are well understood from Google. It will then put you in much better light.

What is Search Engine Optimization (Definition)

SEO, is the optimization and promotion of a website so that it is positioned as best as possible on the search engines. But it also allows you to achieve many other goals such as:

  • strengthen your credibility
  • convert more customers
  • measure the return on investment of your shares

It depends on many factors, the vocabulary, the semantics of your page and the way we talk about you on the web.

Initially, your SEO is simply the structure of your site and how the engines understand it. It may seem counter-intuitive, but focusing on your SEO is about more than just understanding search engines. Their goal is to offer the most accurate information. Quality and relevance are essential. Google wants to make sure that the best sites appear at the top of the results. Otherwise, you will no longer use your favorite engine.

It’s because we trust him that we continue to use it. Google cannot afford to display inconsistent results. You cannot lie to him. Every day he becomes more intelligent. Be smart! Spending your money to trick him is a waste of time. Your first task is to focus on creating a unique, quality and visitor-oriented experience.

For your SEO strategy, the 1st step is to understand what to do and what to avoid. The black hat SEO is a term representing quite dark practices, overused for many years by seasoned SEOs. These are techniques whose sole purpose is to manipulate search engines to display your site as high as possible by spamming the web. Google does not like these practices at all and penalizes you when you discover the trickery. And sometimes it’s very difficult to back off.

Once penalized, you observe

  • a fall of your SEO
  • a sharp drop in traffic
  • a rapid decline in your sales
  • a need to review your entire SEO strategy
  • and sometimes, a need to create a new site from scratch, with the time it takes to find your position

Whatever you do, avoid these techniques

  • promise of a number of predefined links per month
  • xx% traffic growth guarantee
  • support links in social networks, link farms, spinning articles
  • promise to be positioned in 1st on Google within 3 months
  • creating fake social profile accounts
  • monthly billing at a reduced price
  • explanation that if you stop the service, you will lose all your links

Make sure your site is designed to put your offers forward. State clearly what you are proposing, who you are talking to and what you want your visitor to do. Providing social evidence will strengthen your dialogue. Indeed, your texts must answer the user’s questions, but you must keep your objective in mind.

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