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Meta Description is the crispy content which describes the website content in a short form. The description will appear in search results and by reading that the users will enter into the website. It should have relevant information or else the visitors will not enter into your website. The web pages listed in the search engine for each keyword is based on some ranking factors and meta description is one of the most important ranking factors among them.

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Here the Meta Description for the Home Page( is “TECHGLADS – Latest Updates on Search Engine Optimization, Digital Marketing, Web Hosting, Website Designing & Photography Based Topics.”

How to Optimize Meta Description to Rank in SERP?

Before getting into optimization, there are few basic steps to be followed very carefully.

  • Collect the list of keywords to be targeted.
  • Collect the list of available web pages.
  • Just match the keywords with its relevant web page.
  • If you have any extra keywords without any relevant web page then you must create it new.

improve website ranking

Once after choosing the Right Page and its appropriate keyword, it is more important to have the quality content. The content decides whether it is the target page for the particular keyword or not.

Meta Description plays an important role in ranking your website. Search Engines are the bots which list the websites based on certain ranking factors and meta description is one among them. Below points will helps to make your description very effective and relevant.

  • The description should have keyword presence during the start.
  • Meta Description should talk more about the keyword and the target page.
  • Add the words which may act as a synonym for the target keyword.
  • Make sure the description length is between 160 – 250 Characters.
  • The description should have the valid content, else it won’t be much effective.

If suppose, you didn’t give any meta description for your webpage, but there is a quality content then the search engines will take the description automatically from the content. The page without meta description but with all the other proper on page factors will rank in the search results and it is very rare to see such results.


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