What is a Google Crawler?

Normally search engine like Google uses the crawlers called the Google Bots or the spiders to visit each website on the Internet, analyse them and index them based on many ranking factors. Well, Google is the most used search engine by the people around the world, hence it is important to understand how the Google uses the crawlers to analyse the website and rank them on SERP by considering various things.


How Google Crawler Works?

Google bot or crawler will visit your website and will navigate to the various pages present on the website through the internal links. The more the internal links you give on the website, then there will be more chances of getting your content indexed on the web. Crawler visits your webpage and will follow the links on that page and will further follow the links on that page, In this way, it will reach all your nook and corner of your website and will index the content. These contents will be then stored on the index servers by Google.

google bot how it works

How Google Displays Rank Results on SERP?

When the users make any search on Google, before their search results being get displayed on SERP, there are many things happening at the backend. When you search anything on Google, the Google will then look for that particular search term in its “Index Servers” where the millions of web pages are indexed for that particular keyword. Then based on some ranking factors, Google will take the web pages from the indexed data and will display it on the SERP. If your webpage is good enough and has optimized in the best way, it will be indexed on top and will be displayed on top search results on SERP.


How to make the Google Index the content on the website?

As a website owner, you can follow many ways to make the Google crawl your website and index them. But the most recommended way is to submit the XML Sitemap of your website using the Google Webmaster tools. Sitemap Submission will make Google to crawl and index your site quickly.