Search Snippets – Using the Custom Search people can find the exact page by showing them a Snippet with proper content. The snippet is a small part of the content which gives an idea for the user, about the particular page.

Every people were very eager in showing the Snippets to get attention from the visitors. It is more likely that the people will click on the sites with catchy Snippets.

google search snippet

There are no significant limitations set for the Search Snippets, and its length varies based on the websites and its quality. Ranking a Website is very much important for everyone and at the same, it is important to get traffic to a website as well. Here the Search snippets with proper information help to bring more traffic to a particular site.

Variation in Snippets Lengths in Google Search

A few Months back there is an update in Google Search Engine that the character limit for the description tag is increased from 160 characters to 320 characters. So everyone started updating their description to provide more information about the website to rank well in SERP. But in current days, the Search Snippets length were looking shorten. Also regarding this, there was a question raised by a Search Geek, and Danny Sullivan answered it through a tweet as mentioned below.

As per the tweet, it is confirmed that there is a variation in Search Snippets length and it is reduced in recent weeks as well. Also, he highlighted that the difference in Search Snippet length is wholly based on the website. The search engine will show the contents which are best for the users and not for the website administrators.