Improve The Google Rankings Of The Website On SERP:

Google is the place where all the business people try to push their websites to top for the most competitive terms to get more traffic to their business site. Indeed this will generate more leads to their business. People try to do more mysterious things to get their websites to the top, But it still remains as the factor which most of them fail to do so. Here let’s see some organic methods by using which you can boost your business site to the top.

1. Lay The Foundation Well:

How To Improve The Rankings Of The Website On Google's SERP

To start with the design the best site structure to rank well in the SERP. The best site structure in the sense help the users to navigate inside the website very easily. Google uses thousands of signals to rank a site on the search engine results page, Make an SEO audit and fix all the issues which prevent the site from moving to the top. Fix the duplicate content on the website with the unique and fresh content.

2. Optimize The Site For Mobile Devices:

Improve The Rankings Of The Website On Google's SERP For Mobile Devices

Google has introduced mobile first index recently, hence to make the website perform better on the mobile devices, optimize the website for mobile devices. The site with the good loading speed tends to rank on top of Google for the user search queries. In the recent times, the searches made by the users on the mobile devices exceeded the number of searches made by the users on the desktop devices.

3. Optimize The Site For Good Loading Speed:

How To Improve The Rankings Of The Website On Google's SERP - site loading speed

Nowadays Google started using the loading speed as the main signal for ranking the websites. Users will not engage with the websites which have poor loading speed, By keeping this in mind Google has updated its algorithm to give a rank boost for the websites which has good loading speed. Optimize your website to perform fast on both the mobile and desktop devices to see the improvement of the web pages in SERP.

4. Do A Bit Of Tinkering To Your Links:

How To Improve The Rankings Of The Website On Google's SERP with internal links

Both the internal links and backlinks play a vital role in effecting the ranks of the web pages on the SERP. To start with optimize the internal links properly with the most relevant anchor text to make the crawlers understand about the content in the pages where the link is pointing to. More internal links on the site will make the crawler to crawl and index the site more effectively.

5. Finally, Don’t Skip The On Page Optimization:

How To Improve The Rankings Of The Website On Google's SERP - on page seo

At last, after laying the foundation well, focus on the On-page optimization to help the web pages to make their position at the top of the SERP. Optimize the content in the site for the users and not for the search engines. This will make the users to get engaged with your website for more time, as a result, you can see the improvement in ranks of your web pages on SERP.

Thus as an SEO Consultant try to focus on these simple steps to gain a higher position on SERP for your web pages.


Dinesh Kumar VM

SEO Consultant at ClickDo Ltd
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