Ad a beginner in the field of photography, you may wonder how to take better snaps than others. It’s not a big thing to do so, it’s all just a matter of time and small things which you should focus on. As an amateur photographer, you can enhance your skills only through repeated practise and experimentation. Here let’s see some different types of photography techniques which you can try.

Silhouette Photography:

Impress Your Friends With Simple Photography Tricks - silhouette photograph

Silhouette photography is a simple way to demonstrate any emotion or behaviour or drama in a dark light with the usual natural bright background. When it comes to the silhouette photography, you will not find try to capture the facial expressions of the subject. You will just capture the outline if the subject which will be looking a bit dark in the bright background. While trying to take the silhouette you may try to make the subject be present in the centre of the frame or on the sides of the frame.

Darklight Portraits:

Impress Your Friends With Simple Photography Tricks - dark portraits

Darklight portraits are the one which mainly focusses to capture the facial emotions of the subject. Portraits are the one which tries to capture the face of the subject in a close-up. Darklight portraits are the one which tries to capture the face of the subject in the dark environment. This type of photography is well suited if the subject is trying to bring out the sad emotion. Post edit works are more in the Darklight portraits, you need to enhance the quality of the photography using some photo editing software.

Simple Street Photography:

Impress Your Friends With Simple Photography Tricks - street photography

When it comes to street photography, there is no definite rule to capture the images. There will be lots of characters and many scenes will be available to capture. When you are trying to capture the photos on the street, try to mingle with the crowd and don’t showcase yourself as a photographer. This will help you to capture the snaps more naturally. Try using different angles to capture the snaps instead of relying on the same angle. Thus as an amateur photographer, try these simple things and explore skills in the photography.

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