How To Increase The Domain Authority Of The Website?

SEO is the real gambling nowadays as the Google is keen on rolling out frequent updates to provide the users with the most relevant search results. Website Authority is the main thing to look at when it comes to SEO, Google loves to give a rank boost to the websites which have good domain authority. Let’s see some important ways by which you can increase the domain authority of your website.

Social Signals:

SEO Tips - How To Increase The Authority Of The Website - social signals

Google’s algorithm monitors the social signals of the website from various online social platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest etc. Domain with the good social sharing and the user’s engagement in their posts on the Social media will help to increase the domain authority of the particular website. Hence as a business people owning a website, social presence is very important to build your brand online. Know how to use a social media platform to get traffic to your website.


SEO Tips - How To Increase The Authority Of The Website - backlinks

When we talk about linking, both internal links and the backlinks come into account. Domain with the proper internal linking and the perfect structure will help the Google bots or crawlers to effectively crawl and index the websites. Try to gain some quality backlinks from the high authority site to ensure that your domain becomes more authoritative on Google. Also, try to give some external links to other websites from your domain to make sure that your content is linking to some high authority domains as well.

Website Speed:

SEO Tips - How To Increase The Authority Of The Website - website speed

Google has started giving more importance to the site loading speed. As the number of search queries on Google is more from mobile devices than the desktop devices, Google is giving more priority to the mobile speed as well. Making the websites to load faster will also increase the site authority on Google. Website speed can be increased by hosting the domain in the dedicates VPS server or by integrating the CDN (Content Delivery Network).

These are some of the core factors by which you can use it to increase the domain authority of the websites. The sites with high domain authority tend to rank on top of the SERP when compared to the other domains.