Factors To Consider While Designing A Website:

As online presence of the business is increased nowadays, Website is mandatory for every business nowadays. As a business people, you should not just focus on only the interface design, there are lots of other factors which influence the rankings of the website on the Google SERP. Here let’s see some factors which influence the rankings.

Desktop Speed:

Nowadays all the places around the world are equipped with the fastest 4G network. Hence people also would like to visit the website only if the response was fast enough. Having the poor loading time of the website on the desktops will increase the bounce rate of the website, that is the users will leave the site immediately when they opt-in. Good loading speed is mandatory for all the business website to make the users stay on the site for a long time.

Factors To Consider While Designing A Website

Mobile Speed:

Mobile loading speed of the website has the great impact in the Google Rankings. As the number of searches made by the users in Google is more from mobile phones than the desktop devices, Google started giving more importance to the mobile-friendly website for the rankings on SERP. Google will give a rank boost to the websites with the good loading speed on mobile on comparing to the other sites.

web design Factors To Consider While Designing

CDN Implementation:

CDN – Content Delivery Network is the network of geographically dispersed servers. Each CDN node is called as edge server which captures all the data in the website like images, CSS/JS files and the other components. Implementing CDN for the websites will increase the website speed, that is instead of loading the site every time from the server, the site will load from the CDN node which is located nearby you. Hence this will increase the response time of the website. Hence CDN implementation will ultimately improve the website speed.

Website design - Factors To Consider While Designing A Website

Thus as a business people planning to build a website for your business, focus on this simple things to make sure that your website performs faster than the competitor’s website.