What is Amazon Mechanical Turk / MTurk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk – MTurk is an online internet platform which enables the normal people and the business persons to coordinate the use of human intelligence to do the tasks or work which the computers are currently unable to do. Amazon Mechanical Turk is one of the sites of the Amazon Web Services and also it is owned by Amazon. In Amazon MTurk, Business People or Requesters can post the jobs which are known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). These HITs are in turn solved by the workers in Amazon Mechanical Turk.


How Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Works?

Many HITs will be submitted to the Amazon by Requesters, These HITs needs to be solved or done by the people who have an account as a worker in Amazon MTurk.

How Amazon MTurk Works




Human Intelligence Tasks (HITs):

What is HITs in Amazon MTurk

HITs can only be submitted by the Requesters or the Business owners. HITs called Human Intelligence Tasks are the works which can only be done by the humans and not by the computers. As a Business owner, the more information you provide on completing a particular HIT, then there will be more chances of the task being completed by the user more easily and fast. You can also add sample responses to your HITs to make the workers get a clear idea of what kind of data you are expecting from them.

Submitting HITs:

What is amazon MTurk

You can submit the HIT by just using the simple interface while you are starting freshly or the special MTurk API Interface. While submitting the HIT you need to add the information like how much that it will take to complete the task and how many people will be needed to complete the task.

How To Earn Online Using Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk):

Solve HITs & Get Paid: Now its time for the user/workers to solve the available HITs and get paid based on that. To get started with the MTurk, you can just create an account on the Amazon Mechanical Turk and start working. You can solve the HITs or Tasks in your dashboard from any location in this world and you will be paid appropriately based on the solved HITs. You need to solve the HITs which the computers cant do like identifying the objects in the photo/video, retrieving data from the audio recordings, finding data duplication, etc. But mind that these tasks will be very simple for the users to handle especially if you are a newbie to this field.
Amazon MTurk is the perfect platform for all the people who wish to work online from home and earn more money. Hence Sign Up immediately to Amazon MTurk and start working on it to earn more money online.

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