Web Hosting is nothing but hosting websites on the Internet. Websites are stored on the special computers called Server. Web Hosting providers are the one who provides the services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. When the Internet users want to view your websites, they just type your website URL in the browser and then it will connect to the server and delivers the website. Here, I have explained to you some of the basic features of web hosting.

Disk Space:

hard disk - features of web hostingDisk Space is the amount of space available on the web server used to store the contents of your website. The disk space is provided by web hosting providers. If you host your website, then all the contents of your website will be stored in the disk space. Suppose if you upgrade it, new content is being stored. Here, manual action is not required as it is done automatically. Usually, the content includes pages, mages, videos, files, database, among others. It’s not the matter that you having a small or big site. Even for the small website, the contents should be stored. The amount of disk space will vary depending upon the web hosting companies and also the type of hosting. For example: In shared hosting, space is divided among the clients. But in dedicated hosting, space is fixed and is limited to the size of the hard disk installed on the server.


bandwidth - features of web hostingIt is an important factor that describes the level of traffic, the amount of data that transfers between the user and the website. Unlike the disk space, which can easily be controlled by deleting the content as per our need, bandwidth requires flexibility. It will larger than the disk space, as it needs to transfer the information sufficiently to the visitors. Suppose if the bandwidth allocated to your website is less, the slower a website takes to load regardless of the connection speed of the visitors.  


uptime - features of web hostingUptime is one of the most important features of quality web hosting providers. This means that the amount of time a website is accessible to the user. The hosting providers should keep their systems up, accessible and running. If the hosting company provides you a higher percentage of uptime, this means their servers are reachable and running most of the time and so any website you host with them will stay up and accessible too. Uptime is extremely important for the website. If the site went down frequently, it creates a negative impact on the search engines.  

cPanel features:

cpanel features of web hosting explained It is a very challenging task to work on the back-end of your website if you don’t have a user-friendly interface. The most popular and one of the easiest way to use is cPanel. This cPanel will have well-categorized features that allow you to change settings, manage updates and software installation in just a few clicks.  


Security - Features of Web Hosting ExplainedThe security of sensitive data is a big concern. For an online business, you should have secure transactions for your customers. Nothing could be worse than experiencing a hacked website and losing your data. Hosting providers offer you with reliable malware and vulnerability scanners to detect and ward off any malicious code that hackers may drop.


What is SSL Certificate & Types Of SSL

SSL is known as the secured socket layer which when installed on the web server will protect the communication that is happening between the user’s system and the web server. SSL integration for the website is the must. Google also warned all the website owners to upgrade to the SSL within July.

Google Gives Deadline For Sites Without SSL Certificate – HTTPS

What is SSL Certificate: SSL is the digital cryptographic key which when integrated on the domain will ensure the security. Installing the SSL on the domain will secure the communication that is happening between the user's system and the web server. Installing SSL in...

Importance of Business Email Address

Business Email Id will help the Email Reciever to know about You and Your Business as well.
Everyone in an Office will be following the Same Business Email Address with their Names in the prefix. It helps a lot in Branding your Business.

How to Host a Website? – Complete Web Hosting Guide

How to Host a Website? is the Question for Newbies and it is not at all Technical. Our Complete Step by Step Guide on “How to Host a Website” with help you to Learn Everything from the Base. You have Reached the Right Place and Host your Website without any Difficulties.

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting (or) Web Hosting Services is to make your website live and accessible all over the world wide web. Every website needs some storage over online to make it accessible everywhere and in such space is provided by certain people as a service called web hosting services.

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