What is SSL Certificate:

SSL is the digital cryptographic key which when integrated on the domain will ensure the security. Installing the SSL on the domain will secure the communication that is happening between the user’s system and the web server. Installing SSL in the domain not means that it is safe from all the hackers, it will just protect the communication that is happening in between the user and the web server.

Google Gives Deadline For Sites Without SSL Certificate - HTTPS

How SSL helps to protect the Information?

For instance, say you are owning an E-Commerce website, lots of online transactions will be happening on your site if the user makes any purchase. Users will provide many information in your site like Credit/Debit card details for making the purchase. This details will be validated only by the web server where the site is hosted. Hence Installing the SSL will encrypt the information which is being passed to the web server from the users PC. This will protect the details which are shared by the user. This not mean that SSL is not only for E-Commerce sites, its mandatory for all the websites to makes the users secured.

Google Gives Deadline For Sites Without SSL Certificate

Google gives a deadline for sites without SSL:

Google is keen on concerning the privacy and security of the users. Hence to take the security to the next level, Google has announced that it will show the “Not Secure” information on the address bar of the Chrome browser if the site doesn’t contain the SSL Certificate. This is to be implemented by Google after July 2018. As most of the people around the world use Google Chrome, this will make a huge impact on the sites which don’t have SSL. This will ultimately increase the bounce rate of your website.

Google Gives Deadline For Sites Without SSL Certificate HTTPS

On the other hand, the sites with the SSL will have the huge rank boost, whereas the sites without SSL will have the rank drops. Hence, its right time for all the website owners to get the SSL for their domain and make the users help in having the secure browsing over online.

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