Web Hosting (or) Web Hosting Services is to make your website live and accessible all over the world wide web. Every website needs some storage over online to make it accessible over the web. Such space is provided by certain people as a service called web hosting services.

Web Hosting companies will provide the space on their own or a leased server for clients with complete internet connectivity and supports. Also, Web Hosts can provide data centre space and connectivity for the servers located in their data centre and it is called as collocation.

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If a person is looking to promote his business over online, then he must have a website. A website is a place where everyone used to highlight the information what the people is looking for. So the website is a basic need for online business.

How Does Website work?

If you are entering into a website, then the website will take few seconds to get loaded with contents. So during this loading time, your web browser will send a webpage request to the server where the website is hosted. Once the server received a request, then it will send the content to the web browser where we see the website live.

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So for each and every request, the web server will send the contents to the web browser. Sometimes the loading time of a website will be high and it is completely based on the web server, website files & your internet connectivity.

People’s Expectation on Web Hosting Services

Everyone will have some expectation while purchasing or order any services or products. Likewise in Web Hosting services also people will have few expectations as mentioned below.

  • Reliability

If you have a business website or a blog, then your expectation is to keep the site live without downtime. Because for beginners & Startups, web hosting is really an important one. During the start, people won’t have enough time to concentrate on these things. People like to concentrate more on the business than with the issues. So make sure the Web Hosting is Reliable to keep your website up all the time.

  • Cost Effective

Cost is the very important and crucial factor. Web Hosting people will get profit by hosting more domains on the single server. The problem will be for the website owners, whose sites will be too slow to respond and excessive traffic will lead to Internal Server Error. So people will expect the service to worth their money and it should not waste their time. So getting the cheap or costly service is not important, but it must worth the money that the website owner pays. Also, people should not expect some quality servers or host for a very cheap price.

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  • Support

A support team is very much important and must needed one in Web Hosting Business. Because even if there is a problem in the hosting or a website, then people will look for the support team to make their website up at the earliest. Even if the problem is with the website and not with the hosting, people may not have enough knowledge so during that time support team must help the site owner by solving those. So support team plays an important role to make sure the web hosting is perfect and supportive.

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