What is SSL Certificate?

SSL is known as the secured socket layer which when installed on the web server will protect the communication that is happening between the user’s system and the web server. SSL integration for the website is the must. Google also warned all the website owners to upgrade to the SSL within July. After that, the sites without SSL will be shown the “Not Secure” info on the browsers which will result in the huge bounce rate of the users.

ssl certifictae and its types

Types of SSL Certificates:

  • Domain Validated Certificate
  • Organization Validated Certificate
  • Extended Validated Certificate

Domain Validation Certificate:

Domain validated SSL certificates are the server security certificates that provide the lowest level of validation available from the commercial certificates. These kinds of SSL certificates are checked against the domain registry and there is no organizational information for these certificates. This type of SSL is not recommended for the commercial purposes.

types of ssl certoficate

Organization Validation Certificate:

Organizational certificates are highly secured and are also authenticated by the real agents against the business registry databases which are hosted by the Government. During the integration, lots of information may be gathered from the business person to prove the right of use. Organization validated certificates may contain the business information. This type of certificate is suitable for all types of commercial usages.

Extended Validation Certificate:

Extended Validation certificates are more advanced and will display the domain name along with the brand name in the address bar. That is, it will have the brand name in the address bar with the padlock symbol in addition to the domain name. EV SSL Certificates are mostly used by the big organizations and in the banking sectors where the high priority is given to the security.

importance of ssl certifictae for a website

In the past days, there is a myth that only the sites which handles the online transaction need the SSL. But it’s not true, all the sites on the web needed to be upgraded to the SSL to make the users secured.