What is Permalink?

Permalink is short for a permanent link. A permalink is a link to an individual blog post. It is very important to use permalink if you need to link to an exact blog entry. Every blogger should know about permalinks. There may be a number of authors who can blog on the same site. If the readers need your post, you could give them the URL to your blog. Suppose the blog has a hundred entries, then there will be a hundred permalinks, i.e each post have one link. If there is no permalink, then you will be linked to the main blog page. The problem is that, if the readers want the specific blog, they need to search and can’t link directly to a particular page.

Benefits of using Permalinks

  • Search Engines use these links to value and index your site and also visitors will easily visit your blog.
  • You can also share your content on social media by using permalink.
  • Increases your connection with your target audience as it has the ability to direct people straight to specific content instead of searching the entire blog.
  • In case, if another blogger wants to link to your content they can easily link with the permalinks
  • It improves SEO result and increases your ranking.

Changing the Permalink in WordPress

There are a number of permalink structures available to choose it. You must make sure that the permalink structure you choose should fit your goals.

After entering the title of your blog, permalink will create automatically. You can change the structure of the link by following the below steps.

  1. Go to Setting – > Permalinks as shown below.
    Permalink in WordPress
  2. You will direct to common settings.
    How to change permalink in wordpress

Permalinks have various structures which is given under the common settings. You can choose what you wish to use. For example, if you choose a month and name. This shows the user that the post was created on January month and the post name.

Change permalink in wordpress websites

But one of the drawbacks is that, if you select month & name you can’t get the date of the post. So to overcome this issue, you can choose custom structure.

Change the Custom Permalink Structure in WordPress:

Select the custom structure and choose the tags that you want to include. Click save changes. This will change the structure of permalink.

How to change custom structure permalink in wordpress

Here I choose the year, month, date and post name. So the structure will appears as shown below.

Change permalink in wordpress for post and page

This shows the post was created on 23rd January of the year 2019 and the post name.

Changing the Permalink for a single post in WordPress

If you need to change the permalink for a single post, just click Edit in the Permalink as shown below. You will be allow to edit the title of your post but not the permalink structure.

What is permalink and How to change in wordpress