UNIX Internals syllabus

General Review of the System-History-System structure-User Perspective-Operating System Services- Assumptions About Hardware. Introduction to the Kernel-Architecture System Concepts-Data Structures- System Administration.

The Buffer Cache-Headers-Buffer Pool-Buffer Retrieval-Reading and Writing Disk Blocks – Advantages and Disadvantages. Internal Representation of Files-Inodes- Structure-Directories-Path Name to Inode- Super Block-Inode Assignment-Allocation of Disk Blocks -Other File Types.

System Calls for the File System-Open-Read-Write-Lseek-Close-Create-Special files Creation -Change Directory and Change Root-Change Owner and Change Mode-Stat-Fstat-Pipes-Dup-Mount-Unmount-Link-Unlink-File System Abstraction-Maintenance.

The System Representation of Processes-States-Transitions-System Memory-Context of a Process-Saving the Context-Manipulation of a Process Address Space-Sleep Process Control-signals-Process Termination-Awaiting-Invoking other Programs-The Shell-System Boot and the INIT Process.

Memory Management Policies-Swapping-Demand Paging-a Hybrid System-I/O Subsystem-Driver Interfaces-Disk Drivers-Terminal Drivers.

UNIX Internals syllabus



UNIX Internals syllabus
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