Lucidly, Social media has taken over the stage for creating a rich and effective market amidst a large volume of audience. It has joined hand with robust Marketing tools to help the online marketers analyze, track, and achieve the targets at small and large business scale. You can find numerous collection of these social media marketing tools prevailing in the market ranging from publishing, scheduling, analytics and much more that will boost up your effectiveness and overall results.

So here we present the,

6 Free Social Media Marketing Tools for Small and Large Scale Business:

  • BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo - Free Social media tools for marketingThis tool will help you analyze the performance of your content irrespective of any topic. Just search and grab the topic and there BuzzSumo will do its part of work. Moreover one need not swing around multiple social media network for carrying out the monitoring of your content as this tool exhibits the result by splitting it down amidst Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit. This, in turn, gives you a comprehensive outlook of your influence on social networks thus enabling you to build effective strategies.

  • Animoto

For generating quick and spectacular marketing videos, the Animoto tool proves to be the right choice. Within a fraction of minutes, you can transform your selective photos and clippings into classy and professional videos very promptly. Special launch, attractive offers or for carrying out huge promotions you can smoothly build eye-catching videos with Animoto.

  • Canva

Have you noticed some really overwhelming images on the site of some well-known brand or reputed social media marketers? Well, splendid images are the means to draw your audience attention towards your brand. This is a tried and tested digital marketing strategy. Canva is apt and a must tool to achieve this which has a whopping collection of 200 plus graphic elements.  Without investing in professional designers and experts you can generate impressive images with the help of built-in icons and templates within no time. It minimizes your effort by giving you the option of drag and drop feature.

  • Google Trends

Google Trends - Best Free Social Media Marketing ToolGoogle offers its social media marketing tools completely free of cost. It basically lets you search and fetch trending online topics. Marketers and professionals keep an eye on this to get first-hand information of what’s latest or in trend thereby sharing this information with their audience. One can also monitor the keywords using Google Trends to verify how trending they are. Moreover, it comp犀利士
ares the keyword existing volume with the past few months and years.

  • Buffer Publish

This marketing tool is extremely beneficial for the marketing professionals for analyzing performance, handling accounts or scheduling posts in an efficient manner. With its powerful analytics dashboard using which you can keep a track of your highly popular posts and thereby rebuffer them to the queue.

  • Feedly

As the name suggests, this social media tools for marketing primarily helps you in appending all the RSS feeds in it which can be viewed at a commonplace. Whether it be publishers and writers blogs or content, corporate or political news and updates, you can just populate any content that you are following, in Feedly. Resultant, you save upon a good amount of time. All this content can be scheduled thereby projecting it directly from the Feedly dashboard by using the buffer publish integration feature.

Besides, there are a plethora of other social media marketing tools that are easily available. Which one you desperately prefer and why?