MAY -JUNE 2014

Operating System Question paper- 2 marks

  1. What are system calls?Give their major categories.
  2. What are the reasons for providing process cooperation?
  3. List out any four scheduling criteria.
  4. What is safe state?
  5. What is a working-set model?
  6. How the problem of external fragmentation can be solved?
  7. what are the attributes of files?
  8. Define log structured file.
  9. What is meant by RAID?
  10. Give the various disk scheduling methods.

16 marks

  1. (a) Give the detailed description of the system structure of modern operating system.

(b)1.Explain the various operations on processes.

2.Give a short note on threading issues.

2.   (a)Give a detailed description of the system structure of modern operating system.

(b)1.Describe the ways of implementing semaphores.

2.Explain in detail about the methods for deadlock detection.

3.    (a)1.Elaborate on inverted page tables and their use in paging and segmentation.

2.Explain in detail about segmentation and implementation of                                                       segment tables.

(b)What is demand paging?Describe the process of demand paging in OS.

4.    (a) 1.Describe file structures,file attributes and file operations in detail.

 2.Write a note on free space management of file system.

(b)1.Describe the two level and tree type directory structures in detail.

2.Explain file system in Linux in detail.

5.       (a)1.Explain the application I/O interface in detail.

2.With a neat sketch explain the structure of streams.

(b)1.Explain the RAID levels and problems associated with RAID.

2.Describe the tertiary storage devices.

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