5 most important marketing strategies for IT StartUp

With the Startup India scheme launched in the year 2016 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, entrepreneurs and small scale businesses from every domain have availed this opportunity to the highest. Apart from the opportunity, it’s essentially required that any startup have an effective marketing strategy for IT startup and its significant growth and development. Since IT professionals are already computer savvy they get an additional benefit over creating an online presence, though they lack time for all this.

No worries, in this post, we have carefully crafted 5 most important Marketing strategies for your IT startup.

  1. Social Media Channels
  2. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  3. Marketing via Email
  4. Content Writing
  5. Google Ads

The above techniques are extremely effective and fail-proof for yielding the best possible outcome. Let’s elaborate on each one of them.

  1. Social Media Channels

Social Media Marketing Strategies for a StartUpThe power and impact of social networks cannot be denied. Marketing your IT services through well-known social platforms like Facebook and Twitter not only will span across a large audience but will be the quickest way to promote your services. But don’t overdo it. Social media posts should be enticing, making your friends and followers to share it naturally. Be informative and trending rather than only beating the drums of your product or service promotion. And be active, not dormant on such platforms.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Follow the SEO principles for creating an effective marketing strategy. A good website and content are of no use if Google can’t rank it in SERP. Incorporate the practice of keywords in headings and content with the right amount of usage, for driving maximum online traffic. (For Latest Guide On Backlinks, Link Building Strategies, and Sites in SEO)

  1. Marketing via Email

Email marketing strategy for IT startup in indiaMany marketers don’t consider Email as a powerful marketing strategy but the fact is that personalized or business emails ring a bell in your customer’s mind. Moreover, business emails build your credibility and give a more personal feeling of communication rather than mass communication as in the case of social networks. Again, make the subject line of your email catchy and impacting enough, to make your audience naturally subscribe it.

  1. Content Writing

Be it any startup, the marketing strategy based on content writing leaves an impact on your audience. Users want to really explore and no more. So give them the same. Content writing can involve:

  • A useful and regular blog post on the latest IT updates and launches
  • Informative video tutorials resolving commonly asked queries
  • DIY videos for troubleshooting
  • Infographic based on fixing technical issues
  • Social posts like on Instagram covering the latest software, apps or gadgets.

With each piece of content, append your business email, website or chat option to generate maximum leads.

  1. Google Ads

Well established businesses (once a startup) highly use the marketing strategy of search engine advertising. Though initial IT startups may find it a bit costly but this one tool will definitely give you desired an immediate output.  You have the option of streamlining your own budget. Moreover, with the option of Google analytics, you can evaluate and analyze your marketing techniques

Launching your startup is not at all an arduous task, but to work for its growth and stability in a highly competitive online marketplace is intensely nail biting. Practically following the above marketing strategies, your IT startup can give an applauding performance.