Instagram is the social media app which is being used by the most of the people next to Facebook. Instagram allows people to post photos, videos, and stories. Instagram is the mobile-based app and it’s not suitable to be used on desktop devices. Instagram also allows the business people to reach their customers online by using paid advertising. Facebook and Instagram advertising are interlinked.

How Instagram Wakes Up After Cambridge Analytica Scandal Of Facebook

Instagram Limits Access To Its API:

There are many third-party applications in the app store which allows the users to analyze the followers, finding the most relevant hashtags or identifying which users are following back. But these third-party Instagram apps are breaking nowadays as the Instagram is limiting the access to its API data.

Third-party Instagram apps provide some analytics data about one’s profile by accessing the data from the Instagram API. But of the Instagram cuts off the access to the API data, then those third-party apps will no longer work for what they have designed to do. In the recent times, Instagram has limited the access to its API data, which made these third-party apps to go down.

Instagram Wakes Up After Cambridge Analytica Scandal Of Facebook

According to the outlets from the TechCrunch and Re/Code. they have said that the Instagram had shrunk the API limit from 5000 to 200 calls per user per hour. This will result in some of the third-party Instagram apps from not working properly.

Instagram Wakes Up After Cambridge Analytica scandal:

But when asked about this API limitation to Instagram, they have refused to make comments on these reports. Instead, they have said that they have stopped accepting the submissions from new third-party apps. But Instagram never gave a prior notice about this limitation to the developers, which made them a bit upset.

Instagram Wakes Up After Cambridge Analytica Scandal

This change made by Instagram was a privacy precaution. Its parent company Facebook was troubled a bit by Cambridge Analytica Scandal recently, Hence to avoid the same issue in the Instagram in upcoming days, this restriction was made. Instagram previously gave a notice that it was planning to restrict the access to its API within the next two years. But No one expected it to happen so soon. Know some tips to get more followers on Instagram.