Excitement happens every year in Google IO [Input-Output] meet, as justifying its slogan “Innovation in the Open”. Now, The year 2018 is no wrong in their innovative front. So, here we list the Google IO 2018 Keynote that will make life easier for every user through different platforms.

So, Let’s Get into the Keynotes of What Google Experts says in IO:

Welcome to Google IO 2018!

Health Care:

Google Experts are an important inflection point in computing and it’s exciting to be driving technology forward and very excited about how they can approach their mission with renewed vigor. AI in Healthcare is one of the most important fields. AI is going to transform if you go and analyze over hundred thousand data points per patient more than any single doctor could analyze, We can actually quantitatively predict the chance of readmission 24 to 48 hours before earlier than traditional methods. It gives doctors more time to have.

HealthCare - Google IO 2018


Gmail Redesign:

One of Google core products, which they are redesigning with AI is Gmail. They call it smart compose so as the name suggests, they use machine learning to start suggesting phrases for you as you type. All you need to do is to hit tab and keep order completing. Google will be rolling out smart composed to all our users this month [May]. You can check more update on Gmail Interface here, www.techglads.com/digital-marketing/big-update-in-gmail-interface/, as it’s live before IO 2018 meet.

Suggested Actions:

Google is bringing a new feature called suggested actions. 

For instance, “You went to a wedding and you’re looking through those pictures, Google understands your friend Lisa is in the picture and offers to share the photos with Lisa, with one click those photos can be sent to her.

Google Photos - IO 2018

It can also deliver unexpected moments. For Instance, if you have a cute picture of your kid, Google can make it better by drop and pop the background color and make the kid even cuter. Else, if you have a very special memory in black and white of your mother or any special person, Google can recreate that moment into color and make that moment even more real. All these features are going to be rolling out to Google photos in the next couple of months.

TPU 3.0:

Mr.Sundar Pichai was excited to announce our next generation TPU 3.0. These chips are so powerful, that for the first time Google had to introduce liquid cooling in their data centers. So they both Harvard wavenet and are adding as of today 6 new voices to the Google assistant.


Google Assistant:

Its gets a little annoying to say “Hey Google” every time. So If you want to get your assistants attention now you won’t have to say “hey Google” every time. Google calls this as continued conversation and it’s been a top feature request. Our kids learning to be bossy and demanding when they can just say “hey Google” to ask for anything they need now. Google has been consulting with families and child development experts and planned to offer pretty please as an option for families later this year.

Here comes the most talking feature of the day!

Google duplex:

Let’s say, you want to ask Google to make you a haircut appointment on Tuesday between 10:00 and noon, what happens is the Google assistant makes the call seamlessly in the background for you. The amazing thing is that the assistant can actually understand the nuances of conversation. Google has been working on this technology for many years it’s called “Google duplex” it brings together all our investments over the years and natural language understanding, deep learning, text-to-speech. By the way, when we are done the assistant can give you a confirmation notification saying your appointment has been taken care of.

Smart Displays:

Google had given an early look at their new smart displays at CES in January 2018. Now professionals in Google are working with some of the best consumer electronic brands. Google is excited to announce their first smart displays which will go on sale in July. From staying in touch with family with broadcasts and do a video colleague, to keeping an eye on your home with all of our other smart home partners to seeing in advance what the morning commutes like with Google map we’re thoughtfully integrating the best of Google and working with developers and partners all around the world to bring boys and visuals together in a completely new way for the home.

Google News:

New Google News is set out to help you do three things:

  • First, keep up with the news you care about
  • Second, understand the full story
  • And finally, enjoy and support the sources you love.

Google is rolling out on Android, iOS and the web in 127 countries starting today[09-05-18].


Android P:

AI underpins the first of three themes in this release which are,

  • Intelligence
  • Simplicity
  • And Digital Wellbeing.

Under Android P, Google partnered with Deep mind to work on a new feature. And they call it Adaptive Battery.

Adaptive Battery

It’s designed to give you a more consistent battery experience. With this understanding, the operating system adapts to your usage patterns, so that it spends battery only on the absent services that you care about.

Adaptive brightness

It learns how you like to set the brightness slider given the ambient lighting and then does it for you in a power efficient way.

Android P we’ll show you a dashboard of how you’re spending time on your device. Google is making improvements to do not disturb mode to silence, not just the phone calls and texts but also the visual interruptions that pop up on your screen.


Google has created a new gesture that we’ve affectionately codenamed shush. If you turn your phone over on the table it automatically enters do not disturb. So you can focus on being present, no pings, vibrations or other distractions.

Android P will help you set up a list of contacts that can always get through to you with a phone call even if Do Not Disturb is turned on. So Google created wine download, where you can tell the Google assistant on what time you aim to go to bed and when that time arrives it will switch on do not disturb and fade the screen to grayscale.

Android P Beta:

Google announcing Android P beta and with efforts in Android OREO to make OS upgrades easier Android P beta is available on Google pixel and seven more manufacturer flagship devices[Nokia, Vivo, One Plus, MI, Sony, Essential and OPPO].

With Android P Google is going beyond simply predicting the next act to launch, to predict the next action you want to take. We call this feature APP Actions.

APP Action – Slices:

Slices are as a new API for developers to define interactive snippets of the wrap UI. It can be surfaced in different places in the OS. If you type lift into the Google Search app, you now can see a slice from the lift app installed on your phone. Lift is using the slice API’s rich array of UI templates to render a slice of their app in the context of the search. Lift is able to give you the price for your trip to work and the slice is interactive. So you can order the ride directly from it. ML kit is a new set of API available through firebase. With ML kit you can get on device API to text recognition, face detection, image labeling and a lot more. ML kit also supports the ability to Google’s cloud-based ML technologies.

ML Kits Google IO 18

Digital Well-Being:

Google thinks they can help users with their digital well-being in four ways.

  • Understand your habits
  • Focus on what matters
  • Switch off when you need to &
  • Find balance with your family

In Android, Google actually gives you full visibility into how you’re spending your time in the apps where you’re spending your time, the number of times you unlock your phone on a given day, the number of notifications you got and Google is going to really help you deal with this better.


Google Maps:

Maps were built to assist everyone wherever they are in the world. Google now able to automatically add new addresses, businesses, and buildings that we extract from street view and satellite imagery directly to the map. This is critical in rural areas in places without formal addresses and in fast-changing cities like Lagos. Here, where Google has literally changed the face of the map in the last few years. Google is adding a new tab to maps called for you. It’s designed to tell you what you need to know about the neighborhood’s you care about, new places that are opening, what’s trending now, and personal recommendations. Google has created a score called your match, to help you find more places that you’ll love. Your match use machine learning to combine what Google knows about hundreds and millions of places with the information that you’ve added as restaurants, you’ve rated as best cuisines, liked and places that you have been to share the list with your friends to get their input too. You can easily share with just a couple of taps on any platform that you prefer, then my friends can add more places if they want to or just vote with one simple click. So Google can quickly choose a group favourite, which now instead of copying and pasting a bunch of links and sending text back and forth, decisions can be quick easy and fun.


What if the cameras can help us answer questions like where am I going? or what’s that in front of me? Google teams have been working really hard to combine the power of the camera, the computer vision with street video and maps to reimagine walking navigation. You can start to see nearby places, so you see what’s around you and just for fun, our team’s been playing with an idea of adding a helpful guide that you can show you the way VPS – [Visual Positioning System] that can estimate precise positioning and orientation.

Google Lens:

Google think the camera can also help you do more with what you see, that’s why they started working on Google Lens. The lens can now recognize and understand words with smart text selection. You can now connect the words you see with the answers and actions you need. So you can do things like copy and paste from the real world directly into your phone.

Style Match And More:

The next feature I want to talk about is called style match and the idea is this, sometimes your question is not what that exact thing is? Instead, your question is what are things like it? You’re at your friend’s place you check out a trendy looking lamp and you want to know things that match that style. And now lens can help you. So the last thing I want to tell you about today is how we’re making lens work in real time, as you saw in the style match example, you can start to see by opening the camera and start to see lens surface proactively and all the information instantly. It even anchors that information to the things that you see. But Google is very excited that starting 3rd week of May 2018, Lens will be integrated right into the camera app on the pixel, the new LG G7 and a lot more devices.

Doesn’t These Kinds of Stuff Make Life Easier?

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