Environmental science and engineering

Environmental science and engineering of Regulation – 2013 for anna univ affil colleges.We provide you syllabus,notes,previous year univ question papers,model question papers.If you feel difficult to learn through providing notes we also providing you the video materials if available.Be aware of what you are going to learn.The objective of this subject is given as follows.

To the study of nature and the facts about environment.Its for the students to know the importance of environment.To manage the waste around them.In the sense that to reduce,reuse,recycle.Find to implement technologies.On studying this subject you can have political solutions.Study the integrated themes with biodiversity.Know the interior and surface of the earth.appreciate the importance of environment by assessing its impact on the human world.Envision the surrounding environment, its functions and value.Study the interrelationship between living organism and environment.

Environmental Pollution or problems cannot be solved by mere laws. Public participation is an important aspect which serves the environmental Protection. One will obtain knowledge on the following after completing the course.
Public awareness of environment at infant stage.
Ignorance and incomplete knowledge has lead to misconceptions.
Development and improvement in standard of living has lead to serious environmental.

Environmental Science and Engineering Syllabus


environmental science and engineering

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