A Navigation bar has to deliver what the whole website is trying to convey to the visitors. If a website designer misses in doing it, then users will fumble once they get to your website. The reason behind the importance of navigation menu bar is because of the visibility and accessibility it giving to the user in each and every website. In today’s blog, we are going to see where you make user fumble with the navigation bar on your website.

Here I have listed the silly mistakes we have done on our previous projects and rectified to be avoided.

  • Selected Button – Not Highlighting

When a user selected a menu, that needs to be highlighted to show where they actually stayed in. A user has to feel easy to interact with your website, they can be returning visitor. If the menu is not highlighted everything looks plain to the user

  • Selected Button – Low Color Contrast

Using low color contrast on the selected menu to distinguish between others will make user hard to read the menu label. A user needs to react faster to the website by recognizing the things easily. Increase color of the menu where a user in should make more sense in interacting.

  • Inactive Low Colour Contracts Buttons

Meanwhile, reducing the contrast of unselected menu is very silly mistake designers do. Reducing the contrast of inactive menu is not the solution to highlight a menu. Instead, you can use hover options or CSS code.

  • Too Much in Drop Down Menu

Sometimes overdoing is a trouble. If you have thought of providing everything in navigation menu bar itself, then it’s your biggest silly mistake. Accessibility in a website can high preference, but too much of accessibility will not excite user in any way. For users, even there are possibilities of missing.

  • Low Traffic Pages

Adding Low Traffic Pages in Menu will have no value. You can use them in footer or as a link at the end of contents. Go through your analytics and see which pages in your main menu are most important.

  • Lengthy Keywords in Menu

Instead of adding like “what you want to know”, you can go with “what we say”. Too much of anything is good for nothing will be a good proverb to explain the whole case.

  • Difference between Normal Menu and CTA

You must able to differentiate between the normal menu and Call-To-Action(CTA), So a user can easily submit an enquiry to your business. Quick to make a visitor to fill an enquiry will impact highly on your Sales conversion.