CSE 7th sem subjects r2013

We providing you all the materials need for B.E.CSE students of Anna university affiliated colleges.The materials provided by us were Syllabus for each subjects, Sample question papers ,Important questions of regulation 2013, notes will be provided as referred by experienced staffs, assignment questions will be given to improve your knowledge in studies and also practical knowledge about that subjects, model question papers and so on. CSE 7th sem subjects r2013 subjects  notes ,syllabus ,important questions.This site extremely designed in such a way that it will be more useful and helpful for engineering students. Click on the subjects below to view notes, syllabus , etc.



CS6701 Cryptography and Network Security

CS6702 Graph Theory and Applications

CS6703 Grid and Cloud Computing

CS6704 Resource Management Techniques

Elective II

Elective III



CS6711 Security Laboratory

CS6712 Grid and Cloud Computing Laboratory

cse 7th sem subjects

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