Architectures of Distributed Systems – System Architecture types – issues in distributed operating systems – communication networks – communication primitives. Theoretical Foundations – inherent limitations of a distributed system – lamp ports logical clocks –vector clocks – casual ordering of messages – global state – cuts of a distributed computation – termination detection. Distributed Mutual Exclusion – introduction – the classification of mutual exclusion and associated algorithms – a comparative performance analysis.


Distributed Deadlock Detection -Introduction – deadlock handling strategies in distributed systems – issues in deadlock detection and resolution – control organizations for distributed deadlock detection – centralized and distributed deadlock detection algorithms –hierarchical deadlock detection algorithms. Agreement protocols – introduction-the system model, a classification of agreement problems, solutions to the Byzantine agreement problem, applications of agreement algorithms. Distributed resource management: introduction-architecture – mechanism for building distributed file systems – design issues – log structured file systems.


Distributed shared memory-Architecture– algorithms for implementing DSM – memory coherence and protocols – design issues. Distributed Scheduling – introduction – issues in load distributing – components of a load distributing algorithm – stability – load distributing algorithm – performance comparison – selecting a suitable load sharing algorithm – requirements for load distributing -task migration and associated issues. Failure Recovery and Fault tolerance: introduction– basic concepts – classification of failures – backward and forward error recovery, backward error recovery- recovery in concurrent systems – consistent set of check points – synchronous and asynchronous check pointing and recovery – check pointing for distributed database systems- recovery in replicated distributed databases.


Protection and security -preliminaries, the access matrix model and its implementations.- safety in matrix model- advanced models of protection. Data security – cryptography:Model of cryptography, conventional cryptography- modern cryptography, private key cryptography, data encryption standard- public key cryptography – multiple encryption –authentication in distributed systems.


Multiprocessor operating systems – basic multiprocessor system architectures – interconnection networks for multiprocessor systems – caching – hypercube architecture.Multiprocessor Operating System – structures of multiprocessor operating system,operating system design issues- threads- process synchronization and scheduling.Database Operating systems :Introduction- requirements of a database operating system Concurrency control : theoretical aspects – introduction, database systems–a concurrency control model of database systems- the problem of concurrency control–serializability theory- distributed database systems, concurrency control algorithms–introduction, basic synchronization primitives, lock based algorithms-timestamp based algorithms, optimistic algorithms – concurrency control algorithms, data replication.

cs2040 advanced operating systems syllabusCS2040 ADVANCED OPERATING SYSTEMS SYLLABUS-PDF


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