Object Oriented Analysis and Design syllabus r-2008 

Introduction to OOAD – What is OOAD? – What is UML? What are the United process(UP) phases – Case study – the NextGen POS system, Inception -Use case Modeling – Relating Use cases – include, extend and generalization.

Elaboration – Domain Models – Finding conceptual classes and description classes –Associations – Attributes – Domain model refinement – Finding conceptual class hierarchies- Aggregation and Composition- UML activity diagrams and modeling

System sequence diagrams – Relationship between sequence diagrams and use cases Logical architecture and UML package diagram – Logical architecture refinement – UML class diagrams – UML interaction diagrams

GRASP: Designing objects with responsibilities – Creator – Information expert – Low Coupling –Controller – High Cohesion – Designing for visibility – Applying GoF design patterns – adapter, singleton, factory and observer patterns.

UML state diagrams and modeling – Operation contracts- Mapping design to code -UML deployment and component diagrams

object oriented analysis and design syllabus


Object Oriented Analysis and Design r-2008 syllabus

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Object Oriented Analysis and Design r-2008 syllabus
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