object oriented analysis and design lab syllabus



To develop a mini-project following the 12 exercises listed below.

  1. To develop a problem statement.
  2. Develop an IEEE standard SRS document. Also develop risk management and

project plan (Gantt chart).

  1. Identify Use Cases and develop the Use Case model.
  2. Identify the business activities and develop an UML Activity diagram.
  3. Identity the conceptual classes and develop a domain model with UML Class


  1. Using the identified scenarios find the interaction between objects and represent

them using UML Interaction diagrams.

  1. Draw the State Chart diagram.
  2. Identify the User Interface, Domain objects, and Technical services. Draw the

partial layered, logical architecture diagram with UML package diagram notation.

  1. Implement the Technical services layer.
  2. Implement the Domain objects layer.
  3. Implement the User Interface layer.
  4. Draw Component and Deployment diagrams.

Suggested domains for Mini-project.

  1. Passport automation system.
  2. Book bank
  3. Exam Registration
  4. Stock maintenance system.
  5. Online course reservation system
  6. E-ticketing
  7. Software personnel management system
  8. Credit card processing
  9. e-book management system
  10. Recruitment system
  11. Foreign trading system
  12. Conference Management System
  13. BPO Management System
object oriented analysis and design lab syllabus



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