We provided you some possible two mark questions in unit 1. Here we provided only theoretical two mark questions such that were we will lack our concentrations. It is sure that, there is no more possibilities of two mark questions other than this. By learning 16 mark questions we can attend problems questions in 1 st unit.

MA6566 Discrete Mathematics 2 marks – Unit 1

The some important two mark questions on unit 1 were listed below.

1.What is proposition ?

2. What is primary statements or Atomic statements?

3.What is composite statements or molecular statements?

4.What is logical connectives or logical operators?

5.What are the 5 basic connectives?

6.What is statement formula?

7.What is Tautology with example.

8.What is Contradiction with example.

9.What is Contigency with example.

10.What is Fallacy with example.

11.Write some logical equivalence or equivalence rules?

12.What is Equivalence?

13.Define Tautological Implication?

14.Problems based on Converse, Contrapositive, Inverse

15. Problems based on Dual and Functionally complete.

16.Explain Elementary product, Elementary Sum, Normal forms

17.Problems on DNF & CNF.

18. Problems on truth tables such as ((A∨B)∧(A→B))↔(B∧C)

19.Problems solving using only laws.

MA6566 Discrete Mathematics 2 marks. Some important two mark questions were listed above. By learning these questions by knowing its logic we can attend all sorts of two mark questions in unit 1 i.e) MA6566 Discrete Mathematics 2 marks – Unit 1 .

MA6566 Discrete Mathematics 2 marks - Unit 1 MA6566 Discrete Mathematics 2 marks – Unit 1