Network lab syllabus



The student should be made to:

 Learn socket programming.

 Be familiar with simulation tools.

 Have hands on experience on various networking protocols.


  1. Implementation of Stop and Wait Protocol and Sliding Window Protocol.
  2. Study of Socket Programming and Client – Server model
  3. Write a code simulating ARP /RARP protocols.
  4. Write a code simulating PING and TRACEROUTE commands
  5. Create a socket for HTTP for web page upload and download.
  6. Write a program to implement RPC (Remote Procedure Call)
  7. Implementation of Subnetting .
  8. Applications using TCP Sockets like
  9. Echo client and echo server
  10. Chat
  11. File Transfer
  12. Applications using TCP and UDP Sockets like
  13. DNS
  14. SNMP
  15. File Transfer
  16. Study of Network simulator (NS).and Simulation of Congestion Control Algorithms using NS
  17. Perform a case study about the different routing algorithms to select the network path with its optimum and economical during data transfer.
  1. Link State routing
  2. Flooding
  3.  Distance vector
network lab syllabus

networks lab – pdf


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