Role of an individual in conservation of natural resources

Already we know that natural resurces are exhausting rapidly, we must
conserve for future genaration. so its duty of individual to conserve natural resorces.


1. Conservation of energy:

*switch off lights, fans and other applinces when not in use.

*Use solar heater for cooking your food on sunny days, which will cut down your LPG

*grow trees near the houses and get a cool breeze and shade .this will cut off your
eletricity chargeson A/C and coolers.

*Use always pressure cooker.

role of individual in conservation of natural resources

Conservation of energy

2.Conservation of water:

*use minimum amount of water for all domestic purposes.

*check for water leaks in pipes and tiolets and repair them promptly.

*reuse the soapy water, after washing clothes,for washing off the courtyards,drive ways, etc..,

*built rainwater harvesting system in your house.

3.conservation of soil:

*grow different types of plants,herbs,trees and grass in your garden and open areas, which bind
the soil and prevent erosion.

*don’t use more fertilizer and pesticides.

*use nature manure to the crops.

*while constructing the house don’t uproot the trees as far as possible.

*use mixed cropping, so that some specific soil nutrients will not get depleted.

4.conservation of food resources:

*don’t waste the food instead give it to someone before getting spoiled.

*cook only required amount of the food.

*store the food resources for the future use.

5.conservation of forest:

*use non-timber products.

*plant more trees and protect them.

*over grassing must be controlled.

*minimise the use of papers and fuel wood.

*avoid of executing developmental works like dam,road and industrial constructions in forest areas.