Mineral resources

Types of Mineral Resources: Useful Notes on the Types and Uses of Mineral Resources !

Mineral refers to the inorganic substances which are produced in nature and are obtained in some combined state.

Mineral resources

The process of extracting out mineral from earth is called mining e.g., Quartz, calcite, Feldspar etc. Minerals serve as the backbone for economic and infrastructural development of the country.

Types of Minerals:

1. Precious metallic minerals: Gold, Silver, Platinum etc. -2. Metallic minerals: Bauxite, Haematite, Laterite etc.

3. Non metallic Minerals: Graphite, Diamond, Quartz etc.

4. Mineral Fuels: Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas etc.

5. Ferro-alloy metallic minerals: Manganese, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Cobalt, Nickel etc

6. Non ferrous metals: Copper, Zinc, lead etc.

7. Building material and stone: Limestone, marble, sandstone etc.

Some of the uses of mineral resources are:

1. Used in construction of buildings, bridges and housing settlement.

2. Development of industries and machinery.

3. Used for generation of energy mainly Coal, petroleum and natural gas.

4. Used for development of defence equipment.

5. Used in the field of communication like telephone, wires, cables, electronic devices etc.

6. Formation of alloys for various purposes.

7. Used for formation of ornaments like jewellery of gold, diamond, silver etc.

8. Used for synthesis of fertilizers, fungicides etc.