Effects of modern agriculture

Agriculture is one of the oldest professions which include the largest sector of Indian population (70%).

effects of modern agriculture

Modern agricultural practices have substantially changed the farming, crop production and harvesting, on the other hand it leads to several ill effects on environment.

Some Local and Regional Changes of Modern Agricultural Practices:

1. It leads to soil erosion.

2. It results into increase in sedimentation towards downstream side of river.

3. Alteration in the fertility of soil.

4. Increase in deforestation for more cultivated land.

5. Leads to soil pollution.

6. It leads to desertification i.e. lands converting into deserts.

7. It results into change in the ecology of estuaries due to increase in sedimentation at the junctions of rivers.

Disadvantages of Use of Artificial Chemical Fertilizers:

1. Increase in water borne diseases due to contamination of surface and ground water resources.

2. Loss of natural fertility of the soil.

3. Loss of organic matter from the soil.

4. Threat to the quality of drinking water due to disposal of fertilizers into landfills sites and lands.

Disadvantages of Use of Pesticides:

Pesticides are the chemicals used to mixed with the soil to kill pests. Following are its disadvantages:

1. Species which are not targeted are also killed or injured.

2. After sometime the pest develop resistance against the pesticides.

3. Soil fertility is reduced.

4. On short duration exposure it causes illness and slow poisoning to human beings.

5. On long duration exposure it causes cancer, genetic defects, immunological and other chronic diseases.