1. Creation of a database and writing SQL queries to retrieve information from the database.
2. Performing Insertion, Deletion, Modifying, Altering, Updating and Viewing records based on conditions.
3. Creation of Views, Synonyms, Sequence, Indexes, Save point.
4. Creating an Employee database to set various constraints.
5. Creating relationship between the databases.
6. Study of PL/SQL block.
7. Write a PL/SQL block to satisfy some conditions by accepting input from the user.
8. Write a PL/SQL block that handles all types of exceptions.
9. Creation of Procedures.
10. Creation of database triggers and functions
11. Mini project (Application Development using Oracle/ Mysql )
a) Inventory Control System.
b) Material Requirement Processing.
c) Hospital Management System.
d) Railway Reservation System.
e) Personal Information System.
f) Web Based User Identification System.
g) Timetable Management System.
h) Hotel Management System

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