Vapour Growth Techniques

Slow cooling bottom growth (without seed)

Solution growth techniques are often applied to fabricate high-quality single crystals which cannot be grown from their own melts. Depending on the particular crystal class aqueous solutions or flux melts (high-temperature solutions) are usually employed. Vapour Growth Techniques.

The crystal growth occurs either by spontaneous nucleation in the solution volume, at container walls and at seed rods or with the help of a seed crystal dipped into a supersaturated solution. For bulk crystal growth we use the slow cooling method. Due to local bottom cooling and the use of a suitable temperature gradient, the crystal growth occurs usually at the bottom of the crucible.

For a suitable homogenization of the solution the accelerated crucible rotation technique (ACRT) is applied during the crystallization process. This warrants a more homogeneous distribution of substituents/dopants in the entire crystal volume and the minimization of flux inclusion.

Besides single-crystalline material for commercial applications we obtain seed crystals for methods that require seeds in order to grow large single crystals (see TSSG technique).

Vapour Growth Techniques

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