Solution Growth Techniques

Liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) is an excellent method to deposit micrometer-thick films with high crystalline perfection. The epitaxial growth of dissolved solutes occurs in supersaturated solutions on preferably lattice-matched single-crystalline substrates. Solution Growth Techniques.

For this, static or rotating substrates are immersed in supersaturated solutions until the desired film thickness is reached. Then the sample is withdrawn from the solution and remnants are removed by spin-down rotation.[ Solution Growth Techniques ].

Advantages of the LPE technology in contrast to deposition methods from the gas phase:

  • Fast film growth with high crystalline perfection across the whole film thicknesses for layers between 1 and 500 mm thickness
  • Formation of thermodynamic stable phases exhibiting ideal or nearly ideal stoichiometry
  • Growth of extremely flat surfaces
  • Robust and low-cost equipment


  • Not suitable for film thicknesses considerably smaller than 1 µm
  • Availability of lattice-matched substrates which have to be inert in the used solutions

Solution Growth Techniques

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