Projections of Cylinder

Sample Problem 1:Draw the projections of a cylinder, base 30 mm diameter and axis 40 mm long , resting with a point of its base circle on HP such that the axis is making an angle of 30º with HP and parallel to VP.

Steps for Projections of Cylinder:

1. Simple Position:

Assume the cylinder , resting with its base on HP and axis perpendicular to it. Draw top view first and then the corresponding front view.

2. Second Position:

Cylinder has to rest with a point if its base circle on HP such that its axis has to make θ=30º with HP.hence tilt the front view such that 3′ is on XY and base is at 60º (i.e., 90º-θ) to XY. thus obtain the second front view with the axis inclined at 30º to XY..

Project the corresponding second top view , in which the axis is parallel to XY.

JOin the ellipse by common tangents in the second top view. Draw dashed line for half of the ellipse for the hidden base.

Video material for projection of Cylinder

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