Projection of Prism

Sample Problem 1:
A triangular prism of side of base 30 mm and height 45 mm rests with its base on HP such that one of its rectangular faces is parallel to and 40 mm farther away from VP. Draw its projections.

Steps for projection of prism:

1. Since the prism rests with its base on HP, top view gives true size of the end face. Therefore, draw the top view first.

2. Top view: Edge AB is parallel to and 40 mm farther away from VP. Hence draw the triangle abc such that ab is parallel to and 40 mm below XY to represent the top view of the top face.  then mark the hidden corners of the base in the top view as (1),(2)and (3).

3.Front view:Draw the corresponding front view by taking the heights as 45 mm.

4. Invisible Edge :Mark the invisible edge  c (3) as (c’)(3′) in the front view.

(c’)(3′) does not coincide with any other edge in front view. Hence draw it by thin dashed line. Projection of Prism

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