Isometric Projection of Pyramids

Sample Problem: 1
Draw the Isometric Projection  of a hexagonal pyramid of side of base 30 mm and height 75 mm, when it is resting on HP such that an edge os the base is parallel to VP.

Solution for Isometric Projection of Pyramids:

  1. Fig.1  Draw the top and front views of the hexagonal pyramid.
  2. Enclose the hexagon in a rectangle pqrs in the top view.
  3. Draw the isometric projection of the base of the pyramid in the parallelogram PQRS.
  4. Note that FC is an isometric lines on which O1 lies. Hence mark O1 on the isometric line FC such that F O1 = isometric length of y.
  5. From O1 erect a vertical line and mark the apex O such that O1O = isometric length of the axis.
  6. Join O with all the corners of the base of the pyramid and complete the isometric projection.

Isometric Projection of Pyramids

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