Isometric Projection of Prisms

Sample problem:
Draw the isometric projection of a hollow rectangular prism of base 50mm x 40mm (outside), height 75mm abd thickness 8mm when its xis is horizontal.

Solution for isometric projection of prism:

  1. See fig 1. Draw the orthographic projections of the hollow prism.
  2. See fig 2. Draw the Isometric projection of the rectangular prism.
  3. Mark X and X1 such that DX = AX1 = Isometric scale length of 8 mm (thickness).
  4. From X and X1 draw isometric lines X X2 and X1 X3 respectively parallel to AB.
  5. On X X2 locate two corners of the rectangular hole on the isometric line X1 X3 and complete the isometric projection of the hollow prism as shown in fig 3.

isometric projection of prism