Isometric projection of Cone

Sample problem: 1
Draw the isometric projection of cone of base 40 mm diameter and height 58 mm when it rests with its base on HP.

Solution for Isometric projection of Cone:

  1. Fig 1. Draw the orthographic projections of the cone.
  2. Enclose the circle in the top view in a square pqrs.
  3. Draw the rhombus PQRS using the isometric Scale.
  4. Draw the base of the ocne as an ellipse by Four centers (Approximate ) method.
  5. From B and C draw lines parallel to isometric axes and obtain O1 (offset method).
  6. From O1 draw a line parallel to the third axis.
  7. On this line mark O such O1 O = isometric length of the height of the cone.
  8. From O draw 2 tangents to the ellipse and complete the isometric projection of the cone.

Isometric projection of Cone

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