Engineering Practices Lab



(a) Study of plumbing and carpentry components of residential and industrial buildings. Safety aspects.

Plumbing Works:

(a) Study of pipeline joints, its location and functions: valves, taps, couplings, unions, reducers, elbows in household fittings.
(b) Study of pipe connections requirements for pumps and turbines.
(c) Preparation of plumbing line sketches for water supply and sewage works.
(d) Hands-on-exercise: Basic pipe connections – Mixed pipe material connection – Pipe connections with different joining components.
(e) Demonstration of plumbing requirements of high-rise buildings.

Carpentry using Power Tools only:

(a) Study of the joints in roofs, doors, windows and furniture.
(b) Hands-on-exercise: Wood work, joints by sawing, planing and cutting.



(a) Preparation of arc welding of butt joints, lap joints and tee joints.

(b) Gas welding practice

Basic Machining:

(a) Simple Turning and Taper turning
(b) Drilling Practice

Sheet Metal Work:

(a) Forming & Bending:
(b) Model making – Trays, funnels, etc.
(c) Different type of joints.

Machine assembly practice:

(a) Study of centrifugal pump
(b) Study of air conditioner

Demonstration on:

(a) Smithy operations, upsetting, swaging, setting down and bending. Example – Exercise – Production of hexagonal headed bolt.
(b) Foundry operations like mould preparation for gear and step cone pulley.
(c) Fitting – Exercises – Preparation of square fitting and vee – fitting models.


1. Residential house wiring using switches, fuse, indicator, lamp and energy meter.
2. Fluorescent lamp wiring.
3. Stair case wiring
4. Measurement of electrical quantities – voltage, current, power & power factor in RLC circuit
5. Measurement of energy using single phase energy meter.
6. Measurement of resistance to earth of an electrical equipment.


1. Study of Electronic components and equipment’s – Resistor, colour coding measurement of AC signal parameter (peak-peak, rms period, frequency) using CR.
2. Study of logic gates AND, OR, XOR and NOT.
3. Generation of Clock Signal
4. Soldering practice – Components Devices and Circuits – Using general purpose PCB.
5. Measurement of ripple factor of HWR and FWR.