Nanochemistry or technology are connected with the assembly and therefore the reactions of nanoparticles and their compounds. It’s involved with the distinctive properties related to assemblies of atoms or molecules on a scale between that of the individual building blocks and therefore the bulk material (from one to a thousand nm), At this level, quantum effects will be important, and conjointly new ways that of carrying out chemical reactions become potential.

This science use methodologies from the artificial chemistry and therefore the material’s chemistry to get nanomaterials with specific sizes, shapes, surface properties, defects, self-assembly properties, designed to accomplish specific functions and uses.


The applications of nanochemistry have a large vary that covers from the semi-conductors physical science, to medication. Nanochemistry uses semi-conductors that solely conduct electricity in specific conditions. because the semi-conductors are abundant smaller than traditional conductors the merchandise will be abundant smaller.

There is proof sure nanoparticles of silver are helpful to inhibit some viruses and bacterium.

Nanochemistry is getting used to create advanced armor and weapons and for military uses. Nanochemistry may even be used for Chemical Warfare. Nanochemistry is additionally wont to build windows that clean themselves, beside bicycles that are a thousand times stronger than steel however lighter than metal ones. the foremost productive piece of Nanochemistry is Carbon Nanotubes that are terribly dense and light-weight once created into materials like bicycles. Nanochemistry can be terribly helpful within the future.