OS important Questions Unit wise

Anna university  important questions for each subjects in Part-A and Part-B i.e) 2-marks & 16-mark questions, OS important Questions Unit wise, Anna university important questions previous year questions, notes, Mini-projects to develop your skills and knowledge, Video materials which will helps you to learn practically and also gives you the clear knowledge about that particular topic, assignment questions which makes you to be clear for your semester exams and makes you to face semester examinations without fear.Here we also providing you the important questions for those who unable to clear their exams. laboratory manual materials and VIVA- sample questions.Anna university important questions , syllabus ,notes , question papers.Anna university important questions.

Os unit 1 Important Question

Os unit 2 Important Question

Os unit 3 Important Question

Os unit 4 Important Question

Os unit 5 Important Question

os important questions unit wise


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