Initially, we heard and associated the term Operating System (OS) with desktop and laptops only. But with the launch of smartphones and other smart held devices, the operating system has spread its roots extensively. The primary function of any operating system is to execute and handle all the functions and features of your device and allow other programs to run over it. Once your system or device starts up, it acts like a platform on which all the task can be carried out. But they are designed differently for computers and mobile devices.  When talking about which operating system is best for mobile or what are the different types of mobile operating system, keep into account the brand you are holding.

As of now, there are few major robust operating systems for mobile devices that are ruling the market share. Depending upon your mobile’s make or brand, there are respective operating systems for each.

5 Best Mobile Operating System List that are Commonly Preferred:

  1. Android OS

Android OS - Mobile Operating System FeaturesThis operating system was launched by Google in 2008 as an open source software. This being the most popular choice for the mobile app developers as it’s free of cost. Gradually, it was followed by various updated versions like Cupcake, Honeycomb, and Ice Cream Sandwich, Android P, that not only sounded tempting but were loaded with improvised and advanced features. Smartphone brand such as  Samsung, Google, Asus, Huawei, Xiaomi and many more are well compatible with Android.

  1. iPhone OS or iOS

iOS - Best Mobile Operating System 2019With the launch of the opulent iPhone by Apple, iOS was revealed in the mobile marketplace. Highly known for its robust performance, speed and responsiveness, this operating system is strictly designed for Apple iPhone users only. The code is not shared with any of the other handset devices. There have been several updated version since its first release, the latest being iOS 12.3.1.

  1. Windows OS

Windows - List of Operating Systems for MobileWe all are no doubt very familiar with the Windows operating system. Windows by the famous Microsoft is also designed specifically for mobile with/ without a touch screen, smartphones, and Tabs. Though on the basis of popularity and usage it doesn’t beat Android and iOS. Moreover, its user interface is a bit complex in contrast to another hot-selling mobile OS.

  1. BlackBerry OS

Blackberry os - Operating System FeaturesThis closed source operating system is again brand specific that is designed purely for blackberry phones only. Introduced in the year 1999 by ‘Research in Motion’ stands out completely different from the other major OS existing in the market. The User Interface (UI), Menu, keyboard, and other functionalities are unique to its own self. Similar to iOS, the Blackberry operating system also does not share its code with other brands. Known for its robust performance and well synchronization with Microsoft Exchange, Lotus, and other business software, it is quite popular amidst the corporate users.

  1. Symbian OS

Symbian OS Features for MobileThough not among the most demanding operating system, Symbian (designed by Nokia) was one of the most popular OS. It’s well-known for delivering at par integration with communication and personal information management. Presently it’s more of use at the lower end. There has been an updated version namely ANNA and BELLE that’s being incorporated in NOKIA smartphones.

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