Variation in Snippets Lengths – Google Search Updates

In recent days, the Search Snippets length were looking shorten. Also regarding this, there was a question raised by a Search Geek, and Danny Sullivan answered it. It is confirmed that there is a variation in Search Snippets length and it is reduced in recent weeks as well.

SEO Tips: Build Valuable Backlinks Using Directories

Backlinking is a very tricky thing to do it right when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). Directories are the main source where you can build high-quality backlinks to the business website. Also, the directories will help you get enquiries as well.

Title Tag – Unchanged Ranking Factor

Every SEO & Digital Marketing people know that "Title Tag is the Unchanged Ranking Factor". A title tag is an HTML element which specifies the title of a webpage. Title tags will get displayed in the Search Engine Results Page as a clickable text with a link,...

Google Introduces Infinite Scrolling Mobile Search Results

In the previous days, Google has shown only the organic search results on the mobile, that is ten results per page. Then, later on, it moved into one level high started showing Ads, map results and then the organic search results on mobile. Now it has introduced another level of update by allowing infinite scroll to the mobile search results.

Core On Page SEO Factors To Focus On

SEO is the factor by which you can make your website to rank on the top search results of Google for the user search query. On-Page SEO relates to the changes and updates which you make on your website to optimize it. On-Page factors plays the core factor in defining the rankings of your web page on SERP.

Simple Ways to Rank Your Website in Search Results

Simple and Most Effective Ways to Rank Your Website in Top Of Search Queries. Developing a Attractive and Unique Website with Quality Content will be Effective Only if the Website Ranks in Top of Search Results to Gain Some Eyes of the People.